The Stuffy Collection

The Stuffy Collection is now showing at The Co-op Cafe on Cortes Island from Oct 17th to Nov 27th. I would like to invite my island neighbours and visitors to check out the show as well as enjoy a warm beverage and tasty treat from the bakery.

About the project: in 2014, I decided to give myself an art challenge – create art inspired by my stuffed animal collection for 52 consecutive weeks. I set the  goal of doing a photo shoot with one of my stuffy each week and then paint a portrait using the photo as inspiration. I then wrote a little story about their journey in order to uncover their dreams and aspirations; this in turn became my first art book, “My Stuffies’ Secret Life.” Today I share Elenor with you. To see more about The Stuffy Collection, I invite you to come by the cafe or check out the pages on my website.

Elenor is always looking deeper than the surface, reading between the lines and connecting with the space between things…”There is always more than meets the eye”in Elenor’s world!

img_8775 img_7163


Weekly Photo Challenge – Local

The Co-op Cafe is in the heart of Cortes Island, where the Locals and visitors meet up for warm beverages and treats. Local art always graces the walls, and live entertainment or spoken word events delight the crowds. Connected to the cafe is where you can get your organic groceries from a wide selection for your every need. For the next 6 weeks, The Stuffy Collection has taken  over the walls of the cafe. An art challenge I gave myself in 2014 taking my stuffed animal collection as inspiration and creating one piece a week for 52 consecutive weeks. Each piece consists of a photo, a portrait and a small story. To see more of this collection please visit The Stuffy Collection pages on my website.



Installation 5: Ariel

Ariel is the 5th installation of 13 from The Other-Side presents That Wall art project. Each installation is unique in its own way and features art on both sides, as well as their own song on a soundtrack that was created to make them all come alive.

Ariel has the kind of spirit about her that makes you want to breathe the same air she does. She makes you appreciate that there are many personalities in this world we all share; and would like you to be conscious of the fact that – just as you don’t have to groove with everyone out there – no one has to groove with you either!!! Ariel is a one-of-a-kind art doll hand-crafted from polymer clay. Her hat is crafted from leather and beads, her hair is made of wool that was dyed with indigo, and her dress is sewn from drapery samples I collected over the years. The other side of her piece is my interpretation of graffiti art which I created using spray paint, acrylic paint and collage.

Each installation is for sale and comes with its soundtrack. In order to experience the full effect of the installation, please check out the music video below which will take you on a journey through the full show. You can also read the stellar review the show garnered for a deeper insight into the experience!!! Feel free to share and please, contact me for more info such as availability and pricing.

To read the review from the Cortes Island Tideline, please click here

music video -

Photos by David Molyneaux


Weekly Photo Challenge – H2O

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In 2014, I gave myself an art challenge: Make one portrait a week for 52 consecutive weeks of my Stuffed Animal Collection. (You can view more on this project by visiting my Stuffy Collection pages on my website.) Each week, I took a photo of one stuffy for inspiration and then painted a portrait and wrote a story. For this week’s challenge, I share Mr. IloveH2O’s photo, portrait and story.

Mr. IloveH2O knows that water is the most important thing on Earth. “Without it, nothing would survive!” he is fond of saying. And then he invariably adds: “It takes 460 gallons of water to grow one pound of chicken and 31 gallons of water for a single pound of potatoes!”

Mr. IloveH2O would like you to think about water every day.


Call for Artists!


Expose Yourself is an erotically themed, multi-disciplinary art exhibition that has been celebrating diversity through artist contributions, performance + workshops and hilarious group art projects in Powell River, BC, since 2008. After a production hiatus between 2013-2016, Expose Yourself is back on track for a boundary-pushing, body-celebrating, hilarity-making March 2017 exhibition!

The next Expose Yourself Exhibition is: March 17-19, 2017.

Want to submit your art? We are currently seeking visual art submissions (2D, 3D, sculpture and installation works in all mediums) as well as photography submissions (digital files only) in the theme of contemporary nude for our new Digital Gallery component.

Deadline for visual art and digital gallery submission:  Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 11:59pm. Click here for full submission details.

We are also seeking contributions  of performance art, workshops, etc., on an on-going basis. Get in touch with us any time!

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our gallery for images of work and atmosphere from previous EY exhibitions!

Skool is Cool



Fall is now in full swing which means that many people have gone back to school, and I am no exception. I  have recently started some online classes through which is a platform offering free online classes on many subjects. (I will share links to the courses I am taking at the bottom of this post in case you feel like joining me). And on September 29th, I started to attend a very exciting workshop held at The Cortes Island Museum and facilitated by Judith Williams. This is a curatorial workshop, which means that by the end of the workshop the class will curate a show to be displayed at the museum for the summer season 2017. Our show will feature the history of Refuge Cove, located on Desolation Sound on the West Coast of BC. I have also signed up for an  art workshop later this fall in Powell River using the technique referred to as encaustic – using heated beeswax to which coloured pigments are added – and which has interested me for many years. I look forward to buckling down and  learning as much as I possibly can this Fall and Winter. Stay tuned because you know I will share the process…

Links to my online courses:

  • Ideas from the history of Graphic Design

  • Art of the Mooc: Activism and Social Movement

  • Art of the Mooc:  Public Art and Pedagogy

Fashion Week Review-London


London Fashion Week is considered the home of the young, the adventurous, and the up-and-coming. This year, designers showcased their collections in an amazing setting and the attending crowds came out dressed to impress. With many live musicians added to the mix to make the fashion come alive, every show was unique in its own way. Some showcases were so over the top that I suspect consumers might have felt a bit overwhelmed as they watched the shows and took in all the fashion and styling art gathered under one roof.

I see fashion as art on a large scale, and even though the designs are not always meant to walk off the run way onto the streets, a sharp eye can see that each individual garment offers many translatable possibilities. One of the shows that stood out for me and really intrigued me was from designer Anya Hindmarch. Her colour palette was fresh, colourful, and featured very beautiful details; I also felt that many of her pieces are totally wearable. But what I loved most about this show was the unique concept of the runway. It made me feel like some time capsule had just been opened and pop! out came the art. And the next thing you knew, the lid came down again and the art was gone, tucked away for us to think about until Spring/Summer 2017. Fashion Week in London was all about the artistic flair you can wear!