weekly photo challenge: Nostalgic

IMG_5590IMG_5586 My grandpa is now 91, and lives in a home, as he needs care. When he brought my family to Canada, from Italy, my dad was 9 and spoke no English. He is now 67. My grandpa, who is very dear to my heart, got his first job in North Vancouver, B.C., as a welder. His boss gave everyone a Christmas present, and this deer ornament was his very first Christmas present in Canada. It was always on a shelf at the top of the stairs of my grandparents’ house. It’s been through a lot; as you can tell the tail is now broken. The first year of my life we lived with my grandparents, and then we got our own home, but I’ve always spent a lot of time with them. When my grandmother died, I inherited all of her houseplants (some of them 30 years old, they’re huge!) and this ornament, and it means the world to me. I’m not really sure what year it’s from, but my guess is mid-fifties. My grandma used to always have it filled with water, and a plant floating in it. I have always loved it, and it makes me feel close to them. It’s now in my kitchen, near my back door on a shelf, and I use it as an evening/night light. I will treasure it for the rest of my life. I am proud to have something so nostalgic of my grandpa’s hard-working days, as both my grandparents taught me so much and loved me so much. I can’t even imagine growing up without them in my life. And although my grandmother rests in peace now, I feel she is always with me.

Published by Laura Balducci Art

I am a multidisciplinary artist, combining materials and techniques.Living on the sunny shores of Cortes Island ,The West Coast of B.C. Canada.

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