Summer is flying by

Well summer is just flying by and I realized I have slacked a bit on the blogging but the art just keeps rolling.This summer has been packed with art, gardening,friends and fun.We recently found out we have to move from our lovely home on the beach front with this news I have spent lots of time looking for a new place to call home and the search continues but the packing has started.We put down a lot roots on the beach front including a large garden.The amount of food we have received from all are hard work has taken presence to my computer  but not my art.The summer started off with a great tour with my band The Abbie Hoffman Society,3 art shows and 2 more to go.Rolling full tilt we found out we need to move and well life became a tad over welling not to mention all of a sudden its time to harvest the garden.We are taking it one day at a time and one room at a time life goes forward.To new adventures and new sights of inspiration.I am back with a  vengeance and a goal to live minimally and ready to move when the next great house comes to lite our landlady has given us lots of time to move and the stress has lowered a tad. Communication is everything ,loving life and doing your best is key , don’t let glitches get in the way, stay inspired and create art that makes people smile,feel,think,grow your own food to be the healthiest you can be..Everything else well fall in to place when the time is right-just be ready for when the time is right.The rules of life in my world.

Published by Laura Balducci Art

I am a multidisciplinary artist, combining materials and techniques.Living on the sunny shores of Cortes Island ,The West Coast of B.C. Canada.

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