It’s a new year with a newsletter ….

I have lots of news to start the new year off.

The year starts in a new home with a new studio on 33 acres on Cortes Island B.C.Canada.We have finally settled in and love our new place.I have a new series on the go called That Wall.It consists of 13 paintings that are double sided using many mediums including textile and I’m really excited about it and to share it as it grows.For the next week I’ll be setting up the studio to be completely functional.I well also be working on my first line of handpainted T-Shirts. Stay tune for more information on these 2 projects.

In 2014 I had 8 art shows, went on tour with my band The Abbie Hoffman Society and hosted Art Battle in Powell River.I sold many paintings.Finished 2 series The Ghosts of Artrosshes 21 paintings on recycled vinyl siding  that showed at the Aurora Festival and The Stuffy Collection it was a very successful year.

The Stuffy Collection was a personal challenge doing portraits and photo shoots of my stuffed animal collection.I learned a lot and using many different techniques and combined many materials.The series is 156 pieces and has 2 shows booked on Feb.7th on Cortes island and Feb.13th in Powell River. Official announcements and details to come soon.There is also a hardcover art book to follow with stories from The Stuffy Collection.

Upcoming I will be finishing my new website and keep you all posted when it launches.On Jan.24th I have been invited to show a preview of The Ghosts of Artrosshes at The Coop Cafe with 2 other island Artist.My band The Abbie hoffman Society will be coming off a creative break and working on some new projects.I also look forward to the unplanned adventures and a spring vacation in the making.

I look forward to 2015 it’s starting with a bang of events a new garden space and feeling very inspired with my new studio.I wish you all a year of dreams coming true.

Published by Laura Balducci Art

I am a multidisciplinary artist, combining materials and techniques.Living on the sunny shores of Cortes Island ,The West Coast of B.C. Canada.

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