interesting social network poll

I can only share my own but here is my poll for my social network friends and followers .I love statistics and numbers I also find them interesting.

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I thank you all for so much on going support and encouragement.

Don’t you think it would be awesome to have an button for sharing???

Published by Laura Balducci Art

I am a multidisciplinary artist, combining materials and techniques.Living on the sunny shores of Cortes Island ,The West Coast of B.C. Canada.

4 thoughts on “interesting social network poll

    1. yes it’s beta so i’m not really sure if it’s compatible but their all about the art if it’s design,fashion,architect,painting,photo, illustration and some very inspiring connections thats foresure….


      1. Laura, I think they are way too closed off. Building an art community is great, but then what? Getting our work to the market is hugely important and they don’t seem to do that. That said, I joined a few months back. We’ll see.


      2. far enough Ray i totally understand your point I do enjoy what i see on ello and feel like i personally have a lot of movement there and feel fb , twitter , linkin also have there purposes….cheerious


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