Weekly Photo Challenge – Experimental

For the last two months or so, the Cortes Island Museum has been putting out a call to contribute a square to a community quilt they are putting together entitled “Where Do You Come From”. So I took the opportunity to work and play with an Experimental thought that has been playing in my mind for some time. Doing a painting with accents of embroidery to make a part of the painting pop!!! So I am very happy to share the square I contributed to our community quilt. I used acrylic paint, collage and embroidery for this piece called “Peace Is For Everyone”. I had a lot of fun creating my square and I got a lot of practice with the idea of marrying embroidery and paint; I love the effect I got and I am thrilled to have participated!

Peace Is for Everyone by Laura Balducci

Creative Sessions

Once a week I work with my friend Nola – one of the young artists on Cortes Island. I call our time together “Creative Sessions” because we create a lot of art together using many media and we have a great time working together. I think it’s really healthy to work with other people of all ages for many reasons – energy, vision, inspiration, just to name a few. I learn something new every week when we work together! It’s also very interesting to see the work Nola does using the medium and topics we choose to work each week. So far, our get-togethers have been super rewarding for both of us – each in our own way – and we plan on continuing to work together weekly. We also have a collaborative project in the works, which I will share in a future blog post.

Since we started our “Creative Sessions” we have touched on postal art, pointillism, minimalism, landscapes, spray paint, acrylic, art dolls, encaustic and collage. Here are some of Nola’s awesome art pieces – some finished and others still in the making. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!!!





the Other-Side:band mates

I had an amazing time creating the sound track for my new art installation with the members of the Other-Side.It was an over the top experience being in The Music Room with 4 friends that really know how to get down, be creative using all there talent and experience.I thank them all for being involved in my project and I look forward to sharing my new art installation “That Wall” with all of you this summer .

photo by David Molyneaux


Something New is Happening

As I come to the finishing stages of my new art installation called “That Wall”  with shows to be announced in Spring.The time has come to start something new!!! 15 wood panels,spray paint,collage,Kroma Crackle,acrylic,Gouache and anything else that I desire.I share today the beginning stages of Rainbows and Monsters.


Why Not!!!

During the Anonymous  8 x 8 Art Show in Powell River I felt very fortunate to bring home 2 Meghan Hildebrand paintings to add to our art collection.


These 2 beauties inspired me to create a painting called Why Not!! IMG_1388.JPG

Together they now hang as a collaboration with my fellow artist,friend and band mates art.I hope this makes you all smile as much as they make our world bright.IMG_1389

To see more work by Meghan Hildebrand please visit her website meghanhildebrand.com

Something New – Still in Progress

I am spending most of my time right now in the studio working on 13 art dolls for my new art installation called That Wall.I well share pictures of them growing soon.

But don’t think I stopped painting on canvas today I share something new – still in progress.

Beautiful Duck 14.5 x 20 acrylic ,oil ,gouache ,crackle ,collageBeautiful Duck

That Wall

The building of a new art installation called That Wall keeps growing. Starting with 13 panels recycled from the bottoms from an old dresser drawers.The project is double sided with the inspiration coming from the Berlin Wall. Creating my own interpretation of Graffiti Art ,using collage ,spray paint ,acrylic , and found items on one side and Art Dolls on The Other Side. “That Wall’ integrates mediums and characters with environment and history to share an experience with the audience using a Transmedia approach.

That Wall
That Wall

Art From My Collection

This week I am celebrating some awesome artists from My West Coast Art Collection.Today I share a corner in my dining room that is special to my heart.Dedicated to my good friend and one of my favorite artists Pj Kelly from Victoria.Her art makes me have a smile daily ,her use of Acrylic Paint and Texture I find very inspiring.To see more of her work please visit her website https://pjkelly.wordpress.comPj Kelly