2 artists, 1 art class

2 artists,1 art class

Every Tuesday, Lisa Gibbons, on Cortes Island, opens her studio up and invites artists to attend her class. Last week I had the pleasure of bringing a friend from out of town. Paloma Vita and I had a great day creating. I thought I would share both projects that we finished. They are so different, and we had a great time. On the left is the piece by Paloma Vita, and on the right, Ring Ring, Connected by me, Laura Balducci. It’s amazing what different work can come out of 2 artists in the same art class.



BLACKOUT!!! Opening today: a solo art show by Laura Balducci, Aug. 23rd to Sept. 10th, at the Co-op Cafe on Cortes Island, B.C., Canada. I would like to invite everyone to an evening of fun on Sept.7th, with music by the unpredictable Del Riviera, and beer from Powell River’s Townsite Brewing.

i would like to…

i would like to thank everyone for getting involved its been inspiring foresure so in 24hr alot of colors came in as i said the color with the most votes wins drum roll”GREEN” there were many shades of green but the fav color was green so here i go with my brushs in my hands what i come up with no one knows but it well be many shades of green stay tune it well be unreaveled by monday morning