Celebrating 100 days!

Today marks the 100th day of my 365-day challenge “Wink”. I am really stoked to have made it this far, as it takes some serious dedication to complete a project that involves creating something, every single day. So far, I have learned a lot about myself and my process, and feel that I have comeContinue reading “Celebrating 100 days!”

Happy Chinese New Year

I have always been drawn to this day.It really makes great sense to me.The Year Of The Monkey begins now!!! It’s time to get your A** in gear clean up the old and move forward with the new,get that clutter out of your world and clean up the yard cause spring is on its way.IContinue reading “Happy Chinese New Year”

Week 50 – Chinetta

Can you believe it’s already week 50 of 2015 !!!This week I bring you Cinetta from “My Stuffies’ Secret Life” ¬†an art book featuring the story’s from The Stuffy Collection. Chinetta has a personality that lights up a room.When she speaks,it’s like a pop of entertainment that sparkles with fun and laughter.Chinetta gets invited toContinue reading “Week 50 – Chinetta”

The Stuffy Collection Has An Announcement

I am happy to announce that My Stuffies Secret Life is now in stores.You can now by my art book on my etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/laurabalducciart also at the following vacation destinations The Heriot Bay gift store on Quadra Island B.C. ,The Pollen Sweater Inc. in Lund B.C. ,Ecossentials in Powell River B.C. ,The Gorge MarinaContinue reading “The Stuffy Collection Has An Announcement”

The Stuffy Collection Week 26 -Upsy Daisy

Upsy Daisy has a soft spot for flowers :fresh cut,wilted, or paper,you name it ! As long as it’s a flower,she loves it.How can a flower make a person so happy? “The work and energy it takes every plant to flower is living art and should be seen for the miracle that it is –Continue reading “The Stuffy Collection Week 26 -Upsy Daisy”

Weekly Photo Challenge : Orange You Glad

Beans is from The Stuffy Collection and he is not a shame to be ORANGE in fact he is GLAD. Beans likes to wander around in the fall looking for as many different leaves that have changed with the season as possible.it’s just too much fun to roll around in the pile of leaves withContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge : Orange You Glad”