Secret Weave

We started our last art class on Cortes Island drawing with Charcoal something I have not used much of but had a lot of fun with,mind you the  lady’s and I  always have fun.It was exciting to see what everyone came up with.Here is my new painting called Secret Weave. I would like to thank our teacher Lisa Gibbon’s for her on going encouragement and techniques she shares and all the lovely lady’s who join me weekly for there energy.


Pictures from School on Friday

The Stuffy Collection was at The Cortes Island Elementary School last Friday and has been invited back on Thursday the 11th to do some backgrounds with the students for the stuffed animal portrait.It was a very inspiring day as all the students showed up with there fav stuffy.WE had a lot of fun and are excited to return on Thursday for a follow up class. Today i share a few pictures of the art that was produced by the young talent of Cortes Island.

My Model for Week 46 of The Stuffy Collection

With 6 weeks to go on The Stuffy Collection and still going strong, I would like to introduce you to Mazy my model for week 46.

This challenge of 52 portraits of my stuffed animal collection has strengthened my techniques and thought process and definitely kept me on my toes by the end of the year there well be 52 photoshoots,52 portraits and 52 stuffed animals stay tune for the announcement of the upcoming show in 2015.

Tuesday sunny Tuesday

Tuesday sunny Tuesday

This is a photo I took on a neighboring island called Savary Island in the Salish Sea (West Coast of B.C Canada).It takes about 20 mins or so by boat from Cortes Island,it’s a small island I believe 9 miles by 3 miles acrossish it’s a very beautiful place.Today its very beautiful and sunny here but chilly at the same time.Today I’m inspired by the warmth this photo gives me as I get ready to go to art class and I thought I would share the vibe of Tuesday sunny Tuesday.

2 artists, 1 art class

2 artists,1 art class

Every Tuesday, Lisa Gibbons, on Cortes Island, opens her studio up and invites artists to attend her class. Last week I had the pleasure of bringing a friend from out of town. Paloma Vita and I had a great day creating. I thought I would share both projects that we finished. They are so different, and we had a great time. On the left is the piece by Paloma Vita, and on the right, Ring Ring, Connected by me, Laura Balducci. It’s amazing what different work can come out of 2 artists in the same art class.

Introduction to art concepts and techniques

Introduction to art concepts and techniques

For the next 7 weeks I’ll be doing this class with 54,ooo others from around the world. I’m very excited about it because I feel there is no end to learning in life. I will be sharing some of the work I do from this class and any feed back is most welcome. This class may slow down my posts a bit, but hopefully not. I dont really know what to expect, but there is a lot of work to do to complete this online class. I plan to get as much out of it as I possibly can, so stay tuned as I share this experience with students from all over the world. And see what I create through it.