Creative Sessions

Nola McPhail and I have been busy in our new art studio at the Linnea Education Centre preparing for our art installation for the summer show @ The Coop Cafe on Cortes Island, that will run from Aug. 15 – 31.


We both had an opportunity to visit the tropics this past winter with the idea of doing some homework, of course, using the medium of photography which we both love. So we took pictures and gathered lots of material that we are now using as inspiration to build an art piece for our installation, using textiles and fibres and we are really enjoying this process. It is a very interesting way to approach an art piece by taking a photo and translating it into 3D art!!!


We have also continued to explore our love for art dolls sculptured out of polymer clay and using recycled materials, found objects to design their outfits. We are having a blast and learning a lot while working hard at our crafts. We also look forward to sharing our art installation with our neighbours and visitors this summer. We will continue to share our progress with you and be inspired by our view from the studio of Gunflint Lake.

Creative Sessions

Once a week I work with my friend Nola – one of the young artists on Cortes Island. I call our time together “Creative Sessions” because we create a lot of art together using many media and we have a great time working together. I think it’s really healthy to work with other people of all ages for many reasons – energy, vision, inspiration, just to name a few. I learn something new every week when we work together! It’s also very interesting to see the work Nola does using the medium and topics we choose to work each week. So far, our get-togethers have been super rewarding for both of us – each in our own way – and we plan on continuing to work together weekly. We also have a collaborative project in the works, which I will share in a future blog post.

Since we started our “Creative Sessions” we have touched on postal art, pointillism, minimalism, landscapes, spray paint, acrylic, art dolls, encaustic and collage. Here are some of Nola’s awesome art pieces – some finished and others still in the making. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!!!





Back To Skool I Go!!! 

Well the time has come for me to go back to Skool!!!

I love learning and I love learning using the online platform They offer a large variety of online courses from universities around the world for free! Yes, for free!! From business to art and pretty much everything in between. Of course I am mostly interested in taking art courses, and I have already taken a few of them over the last few years. This has also allowed me to meet some amazing people from around the world who are taking the same classes as me and with whom I have stayed in contact with to share our experiences and work… It’s so kool to meet people all over the globe who share an interest in the same subjects as I do and who are pursuing their art dreams too. At the moment, I am taking two art classes – check them out and join in if you like because Skool is Kool!!!

In The Studio : Postwar abstract Art – The Museum of Modern Art

Introduction to Image Making – California institute of the Arts

In other news, I have just gotten back to a very exciting Curators Workshop facilitated by Judith Williams, which started in the Fall and will continue until the end of May at The Cortes Island Museum. The workshop consists of curating the summer season’s upcoming show on Refugee Cove. I have learned a lot already and am very excited for the end results; I also look forward to sharing the show with you all. It’s a great team to be working with and a great opportunity to learn skills which I am sure to use in my future. xoxo



February What’s up!

They say it’s the month of LOVE !!! I say every month and every day should be spent doing something you love.

Creativity -the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Every February I take a moment out getting past the resolution’s and moving forward with a new year it always seems like a good time to tie up loose ends and learn some new stuff or get requited with some personal goals.One thing I have been doing for the last many years is taken a few courses online.This year is no different. As I move forward with stage 4 of “That Wall” which includes assembling the art installation,mastering of the sound track,and preparing the art for the up coming shows and CD release,all to be announced before Spring.I have also started a few new online classes from MOMA to keep the creativity flowing.I well also be  starting a drawing class on Cortes Island (a personal goal)and continuing of course art classes on Thursday with Lisa Gibbon . I look forward to sharing some new pieces I am working on. Continuing to grow,learn and share,are a few of the things I love.

photo by David Molyneaux