Expose Yourself – Events!


We have events! Events are happening!

Here are two of the events 🙂


LGBTQ Town Hall! Exploring Issues Facing LGBTQ in Rural Areas (like Powell River — this will have a specific focus on what’s working and what’s needed here!)


We are proud to welcome Robert Beringer, BGS, MA., experienced facilitator and researcher, to Powell River to host this LGBTQ community town hall event focusing specifically on issues facing LGBTQ communities living in rural or isolated areas such as ours. All ages are welcome to attend and the town hall format will provide a forum to share thoughts about community services (social and otherwise), health, wellness, aging, intergenerational connectedness, and diversity.

->>> Members of neighbouring communities are also encouraged to join <<<-

This is a free community event made possible by The Old Courthouse Inn and the Powell River Pride Society. We will be collecting donations from those who are able. No pressure. 100% of the donations will be going to Robert’s travel and accommodations.

During the evening Robert will present findings from his research into issues facing LGBTQ communities in rural areas in Canada and engage discussion regarding the specific needs and concerns within Powell River.

Click here to RSVP! (RSVP is not at all mandatory but appreciated.)

Click here for more about Robert Beringer.


Did someone say “theatre workshop with Kat Single-Dain?” We have one of those, too!16195426_1349833651741018_1008823122693698643_n

The Play is the Thing! 
Saturday, March 18, 12-2pm
Tickets $20.00 per participant

‘The Play is the Thing: Using Playfulness in Theater Performance’ is a two hour master class in the art of having fun on stage. From a background in clown training, Kat Single-Dain will give you tools for presence and improvisation that can be applied to any live performance art.

We’re thrilled to welcom Kat Single-Dain, Artistic Director at the Dusty Flowerpot Cabarte Society and member of the The Myrtle Family Band to Powell Riviera to indulge us in a good ol’ fashioned theatre workshop.

Click here for tickets!
Click here for more about Kat Single-Dain.

Coming event announcements? We will soon be releasing the details of our new VIP dinner, Provocative Refections! Also coming soon, the main exhibition in all it’s glory!



September is the 9th month of the year and from an esoteric numerology point of view, the number 9 relates to endings and new beginnings. I find this really interesting as September  is this in many ways for so many humans and animals. From the end of summer vacation to the start of school for students of all ages, to the end of growing season and the begin of harvest, September indeed heralds a shifting of the tides and weather changes. It always seems like a great time to start new projects, and of course it’s fashion week in New York, Milan and Paris – which means it’s time to bring out some cozy wear and bunker down for winter.

Sometimes, this time feels more like a new year than January 1st and September has me thinking about all these things every time it comes around. With the ending of harvest season in sight, I am already looking to fill my free time with many new projects – including a series of art dolls, an art event in the works (to be announced soon) – and I will even soon be starting some newly online classes and workshops. So let’s hear it for new beginnings!!! Stay tuned because I will be sharing the progress of some new work and announcing the event I hinted at in the next few weeks… And now off to enjoy the last days of summer on Hanks Beach on beautiful Cortes Island!


Creative Rising in NYC’s times square

Just recently, I learned that my photo will be digitally projected in times square, along with many other artists’ on Oct. 5th, 2013. This happened by submitting to it through my see.me profile. I’m pretty excited to share this news. I would like to thank everyone who voted, supported, viewed, shared, and liked my image. Without your support of me as a visual artist, this opportunity would have been hard to achieve. Also, to see.me, what a great opportunity you are giving all of us, to be part of such a cool event!