Expose Yourself – Events!

Events! We have events! Events are happening! Here are two of the events   LGBTQ Town Hall! Exploring Issues Facing LGBTQ in Rural Areas (like Powell River — this will have a specific focus on what’s working and what’s needed here!) We are proud to welcome Robert Beringer, BGS, MA., experienced facilitator and researcher, to PowellContinue reading “Expose Yourself – Events!”


September is the 9th month of the year and from an esoteric numerology point of view, the number 9 relates to endings and new beginnings. I find this really interesting as September  is this in many ways for so many humans and animals. From the end of summer vacation to the start of school forContinue reading “September”

Creative Rising in NYC’s times square

Just recently, I learned that my photo will be digitally projected in times square, along with many other artists’ on Oct. 5th, 2013. This happened by submitting to it through my see.me profile. I’m pretty excited to share this news. I would like to thank everyone who voted, supported, viewed, shared, and liked my image.Continue reading “Creative Rising in NYC’s times square”