Entangled Goals!!!

Every year at this time I set new goals for myself. I am not sure why but it always feels like its the start of a new year to me!!! Maybe because of the rapid changes in the weather and Fashion Week being in full groove; maybe because as a farmer, you work from FebruaryContinue reading “Entangled Goals!!!”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth

A little corner of this Earth we share together!!! This past Friday, I went on a field trip with my Curators’ Workshop crew to Refuge Cove, which lies a mere 30-minute boat ride away from Cortes Bay in beautiful British Columbia. Our plan was to gather a few historical items for the upcoming Cortes IslandContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth”

Encaustic Workshop

So last weekend, I found myself in a jam-packed workshop, instructed by Shary Bartlett and facilitated by ┬áLorna Downie in her beautiful studio at The Rodmay Hotel. Shary was very knowledgeable and faced our excitement at learning her techniques with great patience… and boy… did we learn a lot!!! We practised with many different materialsContinue reading “Encaustic Workshop”

Skool is Cool

  Fall is now in full swing which means that many people have gone back to school, and I am no exception. I ┬áhave recently started some online classes through http://www.coursera.org which is a platform offering free online classes on many subjects. (I will share links to the courses I am taking at the bottomContinue reading “Skool is Cool”