Pinky Has Gone MISSING!!!

The Stuffy Collection


This is a photo of Pinky. Usually, this would be her favourite season because she can’t believe all the beautiful colours fall brings us. It’s such a cozy time of year too. the brisk autumn  air, the crisp sun… and sipping on hot chocolate while sitting on her comfy couch in front of a crackling fire are some of Pinky’s favourite things.

BUT!!! Pinky’s photo has gone AWOL and we are worried about her. If you see it anywhere, or have any information as to its whereabouts, please bring it back to the Co-op Café no questions asked or contact to arrange her return.
The rest of the collection misses her!


Surprise!!! It’s time to share a music video

In case you missed it or were unable to come, the Other-Side presents That Wall now has a music video for you to experience the art installation. Featuring tracks from the CD by the band The Other-Side and a walk through of the exhibit. I hope you enjoy the show and please feel to share with your network and your friends.

And here is a review from the show by Richard Trueman…

That Wall

The building of a new art installation called That Wall keeps growing. Starting with 13 panels recycled from the bottoms from an old dresser drawers.The project is double sided with the inspiration coming from the Berlin Wall. Creating my own interpretation of Graffiti Art ,using collage ,spray paint ,acrylic , and found items on one side and Art Dolls on The Other Side. “That Wall’ integrates mediums and characters with environment and history to share an experience with the audience using a Transmedia approach.

That Wall
That Wall