Old School House Art Gallery

I am really excited to announce that I am coordinating this year’s annual members show at the Old School House Art Gallery and I would like to take this opportunity to invite new and ongoing members to submit their artwork. It is a really fun event and a great way to share the walls withContinue reading “Old School House Art Gallery”

Goals for 2018

Goals!!! I like to think everyone has them, and I believe they are a tool for growth and creating your dreams. Goals are how I choose to live my life by – Not resolutions as I find them easier to stick to, of course this is just me…. As we come to the end of theContinue reading “Goals for 2018”

A Show Not to Miss

I collect art and one of my favorite artists is having a show on March 5th in Victoria. Today I’m spreading the word.Pj Kelly from Victoria will be showing her new collection At Polychrome Fine Art it’s called Frontier.I just recently got the opportunity to visit her in her studio and i have chosen aContinue reading “A Show Not to Miss”

What’s Going On?

As summer is in full swing pulling weeds and preserving food is on the list of daily activity’s but so is making art.Coming up quickly I have paintings in 2 group shows both from Aug.1st to Aug 15th.In both these shows on Cortes Island I well be showing a preview of The Stuffy Collection.Honey,Elenor,and BambieContinue reading “What’s Going On?”