Weekly Photo Challenge – Smile

Billie was the second dog I ever had in my adult like (so not counting my family dogs). I rescued her when she was 3 years old from a very abusive situation. I had her for an amazing 13 years and she was a totally amazing dog – in fact even people who were notContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Smile”


I rescued Billie 13 years ago from an abusive situation. She has been my longtime champion, best friend, hiking partner and family member every since, with whom I  have created many cherished memories. On Sunday August 29th she crossed the rainbow bridge and is finally resting in peace. Billie took a turn for the worseContinue reading “Billie…”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning

Billie is my senior German Short Hair Pointer who is turning 16 this week. I rescued her from a bad situation when she was 3 years old and she has been my faithful companion ever since. Morning is her favourite time! We make the rounds together to let the chickens out of their coop andContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning”

It’s Billies Birthday !!!!

Happy Birthday Billie!!! 12 years ago today I meet Billie for the first time and adopted her on the spot.She is 15 years old in our world today and we are celebrating.Now many of you know Billie but some have just seen her in pictures.When we meet she was 3 years old abused and torturedContinue reading “It’s Billies Birthday !!!!”