Weekly Photo Challenge – Smile

Billie was the second dog I ever had in my adult like (so not counting my family dogs). I rescued her when she was 3 years old from a very abusive situation. I had her for an amazing 13 years and she was a totally amazing dog – in fact even people who were not “dog people” loved her. She also was the first dog I ever had who actually smiled – and yes, this is her smiling! She smiled a lot and often, and I like to think it was one of the many ways she used to show me how much she appreciated being rescued. I loved her so much and miss her dearly. She is forever in my heart and now rests in peace after a long and wonderful life. xoxo ❤️img_8732


I rescued Billie 13 years ago from an abusive situation. She has been my longtime champion, best friend, hiking partner and family member every since, with whom I  have created many cherished memories. On Sunday August 29th she crossed the rainbow bridge and is finally resting in peace. Billie took a turn for the worse this past weekend and a decision had to be made. At 16 years of age, she has outlived any expectations of her breed (German Short Hair Pointer) and many of her long term friends. She has lived a very active lifestyle and was an amazing “big sista” to the ever growing zoo she shared her home with. Even though it’s been many very sad days, we know we did the best thing as she suffered a lot in her first 3 years and had a glorious 13 years with us. We do not wish people to be sad at her passing, since 16 years of a dog’s life equal 112 in human life and she lived an awesome life with us and had many adventures. Instead be happy if you had a chance to meet her, as she touched many people including non-dog humans. Remember the smile she put on your face or her leaning in to your knee and looking at you with her smile. Let Billie remind you that there is so much good in this world to be shared, that you should never give up as sunshine is around the corner and, to always smile as much as you can as your smile might make someone’s day. xoxox  Rest in Peace my sweet one!!!

photo by Darshan Alexandar Photograghy


Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning

Billie is my senior German Short Hair Pointer who is turning 16 this week. I rescued her from a bad situation when she was 3 years old and she has been my faithful companion ever since. Morning is her favourite time! We make the rounds together to let the chickens out of their coop and feed the rabbits. Then we play the food game and go for a stroll to the lake; when we get back inside, it’s time for the rest of the household to wake up. For Billie and I, mornings are our special time and we cherish them.


It’s Billies Birthday !!!!

Happy Birthday Billie!!!

12 years ago today I meet Billie for the first time and adopted her on the spot.She is 15 years old in our world today and we are celebrating.Now many of you know Billie but some have just seen her in pictures.When we meet she was 3 years old abused and tortured with ears snipped with scissors ,broken jaw,skin and bones ,  just spent 6 months in a small cage by her self.She came to me when she need someone and I need a new dog who became one of my best friends and shared so many adventures.She is still going strong – she loves her sista’s ,going for walks and to the beach she is slower now but is still living a good life.We shall treasure every day we have together with love.Today we have a morning beach party at Hanks Beach where she can walk,sniff , swim with her family ,have a nap in the afternoon in the chill room and a yummie dinner.   Happy Birthday!!!

Billie - 2015
Billie – 2015

Billie- Buns of Steel – Balducci  xoxoxxo  your one in million