Blackout!!! Creates Smiles

From the series Blackout!!! #7  14 x 14 mixed-media  2013 .
This painting makes me smile on a summer day and I hope it also does the same for you.For this series every painting was a challenge to use different materials and techniques with only a 2 colour palette for each painting Black and one other colour was used.To see more of this series please go to the Blackout!!! page.Have the best Thursday

Blackout!!! #7
Blackout!!! #7

from the blackout!!series

from the blackout!!series

It’s always so nice to see your art hanging on the walls of There new home.Blackout#5 and Blackout#26 together hanging in there new home in Victoria B.C. Canada.Just one of the highlights of many well i was on tour this past week with my band The Abbie Hoffman Society but i’ll save some pictures on that topic for later in the week.


It’s been a very exciting and busy time for me this summer, and still is now, into the fall. The garden we spent much of last spring working on has produced a wide variety of food to fill our freezer and cupboards with. We had the joy of welcoming a new family member into our home, Betty Boo, our now 4 month-old puppy. She has brought us tons of joy. I also had my first solo art show, Blackout!!!, and I’ve been very encouraged by the outcome. On oct 5th, I had the pleasure of being part of a large, group art show in New York City, right in Times Square. The Abbie Hoffman Society, my band, just finished recording our first album, which will be released later this fall, and we have a mini tour coming up, which I shall announce soon. Not bad for 6 months, if I do say so myself! But, it’s taken lots of hard work and dedication to get here.

I would also like to announce my new store on etsy, It’s still in the very, very beginning stages, but I’m having a lot of fun with it. I welcome everyone to please visit and revisit it, spread the word, and please honestly comment! It’s all appreciated, I’m on a learning curve. So here’s a big thank you to everyone who has supported me in my efforts to share how there is art in everything.



BLACKOUT!!! Opening today: a solo art show by Laura Balducci, Aug. 23rd to Sept. 10th, at the Co-op Cafe on Cortes Island, B.C., Canada. I would like to invite everyone to an evening of fun on Sept.7th, with music by the unpredictable Del Riviera, and beer from Powell River’s Townsite Brewing.

It’s official!

its official

My first solo art show will be hung on Cortes Island, B.C., on the walls of the co-op cafe, from Aug. 23rd until Sept. 10th, with an evening of entertainment on Sept. 7th. I’m ready, excited and honoured to have been chosen from an island of many talented artists. For those who can’t make it I will share pictures of my work here online. Everyone is welcome to come and check it out, in person or on my website.



I am preparing for my first solo art show. The blackout!!! collection has been chosen and will be shown for 3 weeks on Cortes Island, B.C., between Aug. 23rd and Sept 10th, at the Co-op Organic Cafe. Here is a last peek before the show. I’ll be sharing more info soon, but I’m so excited and honoured that I just have to share. As we step into another long weekend, celebrating British Columbia day, I thank all my friends and followers for all the support in continuing my creativity as a visual artist. I share with you: Blackout!!! #5.