Weekly Photo Challenge – Sweet

Awesome Maple Syrup

As many people around the world know, Canada produces some Sweet maple syrup… a lot of Sweet maple syrup! But what fewer people may know is that Canada has only become the world’s top producer since the 1930’s (before that it was the US). And today, Canada produces more than 80 percent of the world’s maple syrup. In 2016, about 73,000,000 litres of the delicious golden liquid were produced!Maple syrup is made by harvesting the sap  of the Sweet sugar maple trees in the springtime and then boiling it down to the desired consistency. I happen to be a big fan! I use it in my baking, to sweeten my tea and my yogurt… and yes, sometimes, I just eat it straight off the spoon!!!


Today one of my friends and I participated in creating a #RedSandProject installation along side many others in the last month to raise awareness of the on going issue of Human Trafficking. We took our Red Sand to the ferry terminal on Cortes Island and filled the cracks .Our goal is to help spread the word that Human trafficking can happen to anyone ,anywhere ,at any time and with people being aware together we can stop it!!!Molly Gochman an artist based out of NYC started the installation and has help us all around the world to contribute.Here are some pictures from this afternoon’s installation.

For more info please check out there website  www.RedSandProject.com








The Trail’s Of My Back yard

Today I would like to share a map I just came across of the trail’s my backyard backs on to.We enjoy this location daily walking among the old growths along the lake front paths.There is much wild life we share this area with and many spots the zoo and I have not even made it to yet.We shall continue to explore the beautiful land we live on and share it with our visitors.We are proud to call Cortes Island B.C. Canada our home.

Kwas Park theTrails In our Backyard
Kwas Park The Trails In our Backyard

Art Battle Day this Saturday May the 10th@Studio 56

Art Battle Day this Saturday May the 10th@Studio 56 One more day to go and it’s Art Battle Day across Canada .From P.E.I to Powell River there well be appox.150 artists painting live simultaneously in over 20 city’s and town’s.Shane Bodie the owner of Studio 56 in Powell River B.C. and myself Laura Balducci owner of Tone Gallery Artz Supply’s on Cortes Island B.C. are pleased to be hosting and organizing this event representing The Northern Salish Sea B.C. Doors open at 5pm the battle starts at 6pm sharp.You can get advanced tixs online at http://www.artbattle.ca/abd there well be tixs at the door $15 kids under 12 are free this is a live family event.So bring your mothers and family’s come support the artist in your community ,experience this unique live painting event and join in on the fun.There well be 12 artists,voting from the crowd and a silent auction of the paintings and much more ,including an after party to celebrate with the artists at McKinney’s with dj’s free to go. This has been a wonderful experience working with The Art Battle Team and my fellow host Shane Bodie and i look forward to sharing this with all of you across Canada.