The Other-Side – We Got Mail !!!

Don’t you just love receiving mail? The Other-Side is pleased to announce that the CDs have arrived and we can’t wait to share the soundtrack to “The Other-Side presents That Wall” – a new art installation by yours truly, Ms. Laura Balducci! For anyone living in the Powell River area, in wonderful British Columbia, youContinue reading “The Other-Side – We Got Mail !!!”

the Other-Side

Excited and jumping for joy !!! We are happy to announce that CD of the sound track for the art installation called “That Wall” have gone to press. We look forward to sharing this exciting project with you all ┬áduring the up coming art shows this summer and a soon to be announced CD releaseContinue reading “the Other-Side”

February What’s up!

They say it’s the month of LOVE !!! I say every month and every day should be spent doing something you love. Creativity -the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Every February I take a moment out getting past the resolution’s and moving forward with aContinue reading “February What’s up!”