Naturally Bombed

The Powell River Friends of the Library and Sunshine Gogos (on behalf of the Stephen Lewis Foundation) are organizing the first fabulous Art Chair Auction this August 26th, 2017. As you know me, I could not resist getting involved and so I jumped at the opportunity to create my first art chair!

And so it is with great pleasure that I announce that my chair, “Naturally Bombed”, will be heading to Powell River from Cortes Island on Friday for the opening of the new library and will be on display until the auction.


When I received my white chair, my mind was churning all the options available and all the ideas of what I could do with it, but since my focus has been textile art for some time now I decide to pursue my current passion of painting with wool and do my version of yarn-bombing!!! The fun began by naturally dying the wool I bought locally from Joy Shipway. I used my pigments to dye the wool and then I had to let the wool cure. I started to paint by applying many layers of flat black paint to make the base and finished it off with a gold fluid paint to make the dots. It was then time for wrapping the beautiful naturally-dyed wool. I made 3 bundles of different tones wool. Here are some picture of my process in creating “Naturally Bombed”.


I had so much fun brainstorming for this project and designing this creation; I had never done a project like this, but I have to say that I am pretty happy with the results!



We all have them some positive Obsessions, some may be negative but there your Obsessions.I have a few Obsessions as I am human 2 .One of my Obsessions has been chairs for a long time.I find them fascinating with 4 or sometimes even 3 legs they hold up with ever sit down.There is so many styles and designs of chairs and even knock offs of chairs,But one thing is for certain there ART TOO. You could say and I well admit I am collector of things that are ART.Today I would like to share my newest Chair which actual is a dinning room set that I just acquired and am in love with.I have many Chairs mostly vintage they all have there place in our home and all inspire me when I see them.

Obsession : a persistent attachment to an object or idea