Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning

Billie is my senior German Short Hair Pointer who is turning 16 this week. I rescued her from a bad situation when she was 3 years old and she has been my faithful companion ever since. Morning is her favourite time! We make the rounds together to let the chickens out of their coop andContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning”

This Happened @ The Opening

Last Friday was an energy-filled evening on the opening night of “The Other-Side presents That Wall”at The Old School House Gallery on Cortes Island. Del Riveria floated around the room and outside while playing his vintage 1962 accordion, as more and more guests kept on walking through the door. It was quite overwhelming to sayContinue reading “This Happened @ The Opening”

Eggs !!! There Art Too

Months ago we got our first chickens at 6 days old.We started with 11 little Chiclets(as I called them) So cute they were , we ended up with 3 beautiful hens Penny , Giselle ,and Elsa and the roosters were well given back on the trade for more hens and we well get them whenContinue reading “Eggs !!! There Art Too”