Workshop & More

I am off to Powell River for the weekend – the town that never sleeps, full of culture and arts. I feel so fortunate that it’s only a boat ride away from the tranquility of my home on Cortes Island. I am attending a workshop on the technique of Encaustic – using wax and pigment – and I have been so looking forward to it! I will share what I learn in one of my posts next week. I am not only going for the workshop however, it’s going to be a jam-packed weekend with an artist talk Friday evening and then D.O.A and Those Things playing at the bowling alley. The workshop is Saturday all day and then there is the famous Haunted Ball, where 4 of my creations will be featured in the gallery. Could I have picked a better weekend to go off island ? I say, “No way!” I am looking forward to seeing all my friends, learning new techniques and getting a huge dose of straight-up culture in the one-stop wonder town of Powell River BC! I share the poster for The Haunted Ball.


weekly photo challenge forward:culture

weekly photo challenge forward:culture

culture is everything and everywhere we look with out it life would be very blan.i decided this week to take my challenge to a whole different level and go with a subject that is in the news with vast amount of coverage for many reasons right now.MARIHUANA back in history this very useful plant suppled us with rope,fuel,paper,clothing,and medicene and more..then it was made illegal for reasons im not going to get into but there is a huge culture around this plant .today its been made legal for medical use in many states,provinces and
countrys .but there is still so much contervery and more to come.the idea of a plant being illegal that is so useful is so strange and one of the reasons i choose it for my subject considering it grows fast,can provide a cheap way of supples for industrys, many uses and is such a huge culture all over the world .from clubs providing medication,clothing companys who are enviromently friendly ectectect but cultural there is music writen about this plant cafes based around it,mager suports and haters who are not welling to be edjucated on how useful the plant really is .sure some are just recational but rarely you hear of anyone getting injured from using this plant how ever they wish but the postive side of this culture would diffently be the bases of pain,inflamation,nuturation,nusiea just to list a few april 20th on every year there is a rally that is held in every city thats grown larger yearly called 420 this past week it was held in every mager city around the world with 1000 apon 1000 coming out to supot the culture of marihuana,mary jane, herb, meds what ever you wish to call it its a plant with many uses and a culture that is not going anywhere but is getting mass world wide attention that has never killed anyone to this dates knowledge.