What Season are You?

When we think of the seasons, we usually think of the calendar and the different phases of the year, but did you know that every human is also a season!?! As a retired hair, make-up and fashion stylist much of my work has been geared around this theory. From hair to make-up to wardrobe, choosing the right colours for your skin tone is key to completing an overall look that suits you best.












As of late, I have been focusing my creativity on making wearable art and combining my past trade experience to my current art projects. Most of the work I am doing at the moment consists of knitting and painting on silk – all dyed naturally or by using Ciba Washfast acid dye. I am also learning to spin yarn which I will be dying soon…. and using in my wearable art, of course!

So, do you know which season you are? I will be touching on this subject at greater length in the weeks to come to help you figure it out by giving you a guideline based on your skin tone. As you know, helping people look their best is something I am very passionate about! I wanted to start on this topic by gathering the colour charts above to give you some examples of the palettes that suits each season best. As you can see, there is a broad spectrum to choose from for each season. So which season are you most attracted to? It will be fun to see if this is the one that suits you best! I am also using this colour theory to create a collection of wearable art aptly called “Four Seasons”. And I am working towards launching a store on my website in early 2018 where you will be able to view and purchase my work. So stay tuned!!! xoxo

Skool is Cool



Fall is now in full swing which means that many people have gone back to school, and I am no exception. I  have recently started some online classes through http://www.coursera.org which is a platform offering free online classes on many subjects. (I will share links to the courses I am taking at the bottom of this post in case you feel like joining me). And on September 29th, I started to attend a very exciting workshop held at The Cortes Island Museum and facilitated by Judith Williams. This is a curatorial workshop, which means that by the end of the workshop the class will curate a show to be displayed at the museum for the summer season 2017. Our show will feature the history of Refuge Cove, located on Desolation Sound on the West Coast of BC. I have also signed up for an  art workshop later this fall in Powell River using the technique referred to as encaustic – using heated beeswax to which coloured pigments are added – and which has interested me for many years. I look forward to buckling down and  learning as much as I possibly can this Fall and Winter. Stay tuned because you know I will share the process…

Links to my online courses:

  • Ideas from the history of Graphic Design


  • Art of the Mooc: Activism and Social Movement


  • Art of the Mooc:  Public Art and Pedagogy


Fall Joy!!!

fall joy!!!

I love this time of the year. The joy of finishing harvesting your garden, of being stocked up for winter on the island. It’s a lot of work, but ever so worth the efforts. The leaves are all turning magnificent colours, falling in the wind, and bringing us endless eye candy. Never mind the ocean view behind the leaves on the ground. We roll into another long weekend here in Canada, saying “Thanks” for everything, and there is so much to be thankful for. Our friends, family, A NEW ALBUM SOON TO BE RELEASED, lots of food, and a busy life. I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and a happy Thanksgiving.