What Season are You?

When we think of the seasons, we usually think of the calendar and the different phases of the year, but did you know that every human is also a season!?! As a retired hair, make-up and fashion stylist much of my work has been geared around this theory. From hair to make-up to wardrobe, choosingContinue reading “What Season are You?”

Skool is Cool

  Fall is now in full swing which means that many people have gone back to school, and I am no exception. I ┬áhave recently started some online classes through http://www.coursera.org which is a platform offering free online classes on many subjects. (I will share links to the courses I am taking at the bottomContinue reading “Skool is Cool”

Fall Joy!!!

I love this time of the year. The joy of finishing harvesting your garden, of being stocked up for winter on the island. It’s a lot of work, but ever so worth the efforts. The leaves are all turning magnificent colours, falling in the wind, and bringing us endless eye candy. Never mind the oceanContinue reading “Fall Joy!!!”