Installation 4: Rhonda










Rhonda is the 4th installation of 13 from The Other-Side presents That Wall art project. Each installation is unique in its own way and features art on both sides, as well as their own song on a soundtrack that was created to make them all come alive.

Rhonda is always well-intentioned, whether it is offering her shoulder to lean on or bringing out a smile on a gloomy day, she will be happy to help; but don’t talk behind her back or she will spear you in the blink of an eye! Rhonda is crafted from a one-of-a-kind polymer clay. Her dreadlocks are made of wool that was naturally dyed with Lilac, her jacket was constructed from repurposed fur that  was gifted to me by a friend and the mini muff for her hands is made from leather twine. Her pants are made from a print I sourced from my personal collection of fashion magazines. The other side of her piece is my interpretation of graffiti art which I created using spray paint, acrylic paint and collage.

Each installation is for sale and comes with its soundtrack. In order to experience the full effect of the installation, please check out the music video below which will take you on a journey through the full show. You can also read the stellar review the show garnered for a deeper insight into the experience!!! Feel free to share and please, contact me for more info such as availability and pricing.

To read the review from the Cortes Island Tideline, please click here

Photos by David Molyneaux

Fashion Week Review



unnamedAs we get ready to start a new season (one of my favourites I might add), we also move forward to London Fashion Week. There are many reasons to love the start of Fall – leaves changing colour and covering the ground, cozy sweaters keeping us warm, and many artists coming out to play! I spent 30 years in  fashion as a stylist,makeup artist and hairdresser and I can say that it is one of the top art industries; when fashion show season comes around, everyone is on deck to finish the looks!!! Designers, makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists, set designers… and the models too can be considered  art since they are the living, breathing canvases. I love watching as many of the runway shows as possible and getting my hands on the September issues of my favourite fashion magazines. I find it very entertaining and helps keep my pulse on the fresh looks; it also sets my mind abuzz with new ideas, thoughts and inspiration. Today, I would like to share the show I am still thinking about from New York Fashion Week and why it left such an impression. Enjoy!

Thom Brown – It was light and fun with interesting colour palettes and accessories. The show took us on a journey from the past to the future and featured new techniques for printing and cutting fabric.