Weekly Photo Challenge – It Is Easy Being Green

It Is Easy Being Green

Green is the colour of harmony

Green is a way of life

Green can mean money

Green can be something you smoke

Green can also be used as medication

Green makes you think fresh

Green can also mean you feel sick

Green makes you think of recycling

Green is the colour of light that means you can go

Green is my favourite colour….

a poem by Laura Balducci



weekly photo challenge: three

weekly photo challenge: three

I spent the weekend on Quadra Island learning how to create a puppets in a work shop by Tim Gosley.Well visiting the Island I went to there new libary (which is very nice) and found these THREE beautiful chairs.All week ill be sharing pictures from my very inspiring work shop and the beautiful Quadra Island.

i would like to…

i would like to thank everyone for getting involved its been inspiring foresure so in 24hr alot of colors came in as i said the color with the most votes wins drum roll”GREEN” there were many shades of green but the fav color was green so here i go with my brushs in my hands what i come up with no one knows but it well be many shades of green stay tune it well be unreaveled by monday morning