Harvest is more than just Veggies!!!

Harvest time is busy time, as everything seems to ripen pretty much at the same time. This includes harvesting plants to make natural textile dyes. I have only recently gotten into natural dying and I decided to take a moment away from the veggies and fruits to harvest my Queen Anne’s Lace. Taking it from garden to pot, I dyed some beautiful wool; I also tried an experiment with the leftover foliage and left it hanging to dry the skeletons and see what happens. I have a vision in mind but only time will tell if it’s doable. In the meantime, I must say I am happy with the tint I created with the vat of natural dye. My hope was to create my own version of mossy-coloured hair for a future art doll – this one will more likely have a crown of sunshiny locks! Now I must go back to the garden to harvest and preserve the veggies and fruits that will see us through the winter. What a glorious abundance!


New Art Dolls Together

I had the best time ever at my art doll workshop with Kate Church – learning new techniques, and spending many hours in creating more. What joy! Today, I would like to share my new art dolls together, which I hand-crafted with polymer clay, collected textiles, naturally dyed wool -just to name a few mediums used. I look forward to using my new skills over the next few months and continue to share my creations!!!

Photo  by Darshan Alexander Photography





Inspiration can come from so many different things and people. This past week, I had the pleasure to spend time with Kate Church and some fellow art doll artists @The Blue Moon Winery. It was very exciting to reunite with like-minded souls doing what we love. The techniques I have learned this past week are going to take me to the next level of creating. Kate Church is an amazing person to learn from; she is patient, understanding, and makes sure you leave with all your questions answered. She makes you want to break new ground and push yourself to the next level and is pure inspiration. I feel honoured to have had this experience. To see more of her work and for info on her upcoming workshops, please visit her website – http://www.katechurch.com


Workshop with Kate Church

I am getting really excited about the upcoming workshop with Kate Church, on May 22nd to the 27th. This super exciting workshop is being held at The Blue Moon Winery. When I attended last year, I met some incredible new friends, learned some great new techniques using polymer clay, and without a doubt was thrilled to meet Kate Church and learn from her. This year, we are taking the craft of art dolls to the next level and I can’t wait to share with you all what I learn and create. In the meantime, let me share a peek at our homework and our inspiration for the workshop. Wishing you all the best day. xoxo

For more information about Kate Church and to see her work, please visit her website http://www.katechurch.com



The Dolls

You have seen them grow over the past few months, you’ve learned their names and have waited to hear their stories on the soundtrack. The art dolls that occupy the Other-Side of That Wall are now taking their positions in the installation. This is the last time you will see them separated from That Wall.

To see the complete collection, stay tuned for upcoming announcements!


30 years of ART and still going strong

It has just occurred to me that I have been a working artist for 30 years.I started at 15 years of age at Suki’s Hair Salon in Vancouver starting my training on the weekends and moving into full time at 16.I wanted to be a hair artist since I was 7.After my apprenticeship I had the opportunity to go to Vidal Sassoon in Los Angeles where I did intense training.I went back to Suki’s and begin to build my clientele up which lead to lots of teaching,print work for magazines,wedding,fashion shows,commercials and videos and working with modeling agents.In the mid 90’s I had a very bad snowboarding accident which ended up opening more doors as I began the road to adding make-up artistry and fashion styling  to my resume and going to school at Blanche Macdonald.At the end of the 90’s I tried my hand at painting taking nite classes at Emily Carr.Today I still do all my trades concentrating on multimedia art from painting,photography,hair,make-up,fashion,writing,gardening and playing music with my band the Abbie Hoffman Society.I turn 45 this year and its been a life of creating on many different canvas,using many different style of brush’s,and loving every minute.If I have made you smile ,think,laugh or feel good about yourself I feel I have done my job.I continue to create art daily in one medium or another supporting myself with the loving encouragement of my friends,partner,and zoo.I also believe everything is art .Thank You for a wonderful life in the arts that just continues to grow.Laura Balducci