Goals for 2018

Goals!!! I like to think everyone has them, and I believe they are a tool for growth and creating your dreams. Goals are how I choose to live my life by – Not resolutions as I find them easier to stick to, of course this is just me…. As we come to the end of theContinue reading “Goals for 2018”

Adventures on the Horizon

2017 was an interesting year since many things in my life changed: decisions were made, I met some new friends, and had some awesome experiences. One of the best things that happened was my decision to take my physical health more seriously, and at the dawn of 2018, it has already become a lifestyle. IContinue reading “Adventures on the Horizon”

Garden to Shelf

Before I sign off for some quiet holiday time, I have one more post for you all. To end the year on the right note, here is my last instalment in my Garden to Shelf series, which was born from my desire to create items that exist in my garden but that I still seem toContinue reading “Garden to Shelf”

Watch the Global Premiere of Origins the Movie

I think everyone needs to watch this movie and I shall continue to believe that what we eat means everything to our soul and what and how its grown is the key to living a health life .This starts with the DIRT. please share with everyone you love From November 13th through November 22nd, watchContinue reading “Watch the Global Premiere of Origins the Movie”