Meet Indigo


Indigo is one of the art dolls from my new multidisciplinary art installation “Senses That Sin”. I drew my inspiration for this exotic/erotic experience from flowers and their lush surroundings that can tickle our senses when we allow ourselves to fully enjoy their offering. She is the art doll that is brought to life by my live doll, Namchi Bazar, who performs in the video below with musician Del Riviera. The body of the doll is made with polymer clay, her hair is black merino wool, and I recycled some material to craft her skirt and then added lace accents and Ostrich feathers. I also¬† recycled a lamp shade to create the skirt hoop and her sidekick mini Roxy the Rabbit is made with textile, fabric paint, wool, and polymer clay for her eyes.

I had a lot of fun creating this art installation and learned a lot in the process. To experience the full art installation coming to life for yourself, please watch the live performance video featuring Namchi Bazar and Del Riviera!!!


Senses That Sin


Senses That Sin is a multidisciplinary art installation which includes three art dolls, two rabbits, one live doll, one accordion player, and a live performance!

In the live performance, you will experience Indigo coming alive for the first time, as she grows more and more enchanted by her senses as they are each awakened one by one by Del Rivera. Will her fellow art dolls Lilac Rose and Ms. Boutika watch in amazement as they hope that their time shall also come when they will be woken up!?! To watch the live performance please click on the video, and on the link to the page on my website to learn more about the performers Namchi Bazar and Del Riviera.

I took my inspiration for this exotic/erotic experience from flowers and their lush surroundings and their ability to tickle our senses when we allow ourselves to fully enjoy their offerings.

In the next few blog posts, I will be introducing you to each doll in the installation and share my process in their creation, but for now enjoy the performance!!! xoxo

For my page on Senses That Sin, click here!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Shine

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being involved in the creation of a birthing necklace for a dear friend of mine on Cortes Island who is about to welcome a new addition to her family. This was a new experience for me and a very positive one. We all came together and brought a bead to add to the necklace. Some beads were homemade and others came from our personal collections. The purpose of the birthing necklace is to let the mother-to-be Shine with the energy of her fellow ladies to give her strength during labour, as well as the knowledge she has our support. It was a beautiful afternoon with lots of hugs, treats and crafting. I took this opportunity to create a bead out of polymer clay and wool I naturally dyed – I used lilac to dye one strand pink and indigo to dye the other one blue… and of course it was Shiny too!



Installation 2 :Amy









Amy is the 2nd installation of 13 from The Other-Side presents That Wall art project. Each installation is unique in its own way and features art on both sides as well as their own song on a soundtrack that was created to make them all come alive.

Amy is powerful and sets big goals for herself. She almost completes them all but never stops trying. She is one-of-a kind and handmade out of polymer clay. Her hair is made out of folded and textured card stock, her pantsuit was naturally dyed with indigo, and she wears a leather pack sack to boot!!! The other side of her piece is my interpretation of graffiti art created using spray paint, acrylic and collage.

Each installation is for sale and comes with its soundtrack. In order to experience the full effect of the installation, please check out the music video which will take you on a journey through the full show. You can also read the stellar review the show garnered for a deeper insight into the experience!!! Feel free to share and please, contact me for more info such as availability and pricing.

To read the review from the Cortes Island Tideline, please click here

Photos by David Molyneaux