Creative Sessions

As some of you may already know, over the last few months I have started teaching what I call Creative Sessions. At the moment I only have one student but she is very talented and we have created a lot of art together so I feel I started with the best student possible! During theContinue reading “Creative Sessions”


Inspiration can come from so many different things and people. This past week, I had the pleasure to spend time with Kate Church and some fellow art doll artists @The Blue Moon Winery. It was very exciting to reunite with like-minded souls doing what we love. The techniques I have learned this past week areContinue reading “Inspiration”

Artist named PJ Kelly

Today I would like to give a shout out to an artist we collect and love.Her name is Pj Kelly , her work is so inspiring,always puts a smile on our face,born and raised in Victoria B.C. ,we love to collect her work ,and look forward to her next art show to be announced, youContinue reading “Artist named PJ Kelly”

Weekly Photo Challenge – One Love

One Love !!Taking a moment out on a sunny day to say Thank You.To all the New Likes,Love,Followers,New Friends,Old Friends,Shares, Daily Inspiration and Kind Words. xoxo Laura

Art Classes = Inspiration

Every Thursday a group of us on Cortes Island get together.The Studio is facilitated by Lisa Gibbons she shares new techniques and styles for us to try and supplies tools for us to use.We have a lot of fun on these afternoons and I always leave super inspired.Today I share one of my new paintingsContinue reading “Art Classes = Inspiration”

Art Attack

I am getting ready for an art attack weekend. This long weekend I get the pleasure to travel with a good friend of mine and former band mate to Victoria. A Canadian visual artist based in Powell River, BC . Meghan Hildebrand her work is stunning and vibrant. Full of visions to make you thinkContinue reading “Art Attack”

An Inspirational photo of Moisture

Today I share an inspirational photo. Every time I look at this photo I took a few years back I see something different and get inspired in different ways.Today it brings me the smell of moisture in the air.The day I took this photo it was a misty day on the Sunshine Coast , weContinue reading “An Inspirational photo of Moisture”

Art Story I Like

If you have ever watched the movie Stuart Little(a must see and one of my favs) you have seen this great painting.The painting is called Sleeping Lady with a Black Vase by Robert Bereny 1927-28 in Hungary.Lost track of in World War 2 thought to have been taken out of the country.In the USA wasContinue reading “Art Story I Like”