The Cortes Island Museum

As many of you know by now, I was involved in The Curators’ Workshop for which the museum received a grant to support locals to get involved and learn about or further their knowledge of curating for museums, art shows in its myriad aspects: researching, hanging, grant writing and so much more. The workshop, ledContinue reading “The Cortes Island Museum”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth

A little corner of this Earth we share together!!! This past Friday, I went on a field trip with my Curators’ Workshop crew to Refuge Cove, which lies a mere 30-minute boat ride away from Cortes Bay in beautiful British Columbia. Our plan was to gather a few historical items for the upcoming Cortes IslandContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth”

Back To Skool I Go!!! 

Well the time has come for me to go back to Skool!!! I love learning and I love learning using the online platform They offer a large variety of online courses from universities around the world for free! Yes, for free!! From business to art and pretty much everything in between. Of course IContinue reading “Back To Skool I Go!!! “

Weekly Photo Challenge – Tiny

I am currently involved with the Curators’ Workshop, which is being led by Judith Williams and facilitated at The Cortes Island Museum. We have been at it for many weeks already and everyone has their tasks clearly outlined. These include research, organizing, and creating different art clusters – subgroups of the overall collection – forContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Tiny”

Skool is Cool

  Fall is now in full swing which means that many people have gone back to school, and I am no exception. I  have recently started some online classes through which is a platform offering free online classes on many subjects. (I will share links to the courses I am taking at the bottomContinue reading “Skool is Cool”