Meet Imelda

Imelda is a new art doll I started to create this past spring while attending an art doll workshop with Kate Church. Imelda is part of my new series of dolls, which will be called the Rascals. She is seated on a found deer skull and made by hand out of polymer clay, naturally dyedContinue reading “Meet Imelda”

New Art Dolls Together

I had the best time ever at my art doll workshop with Kate Church – learning new techniques, and spending many hours in creating more. What joy! Today, I would like to share my new art dolls together, which I hand-crafted with polymer clay, collected textiles, naturally dyed wool -just to name a few mediumsContinue reading “New Art Dolls Together”


Inspiration can come from so many different things and people. This past week, I had the pleasure to spend time with Kate Church and some fellow art doll artists @The Blue Moon Winery. It was very exciting to reunite with like-minded souls doing what we love. The techniques I have learned this past week areContinue reading “Inspiration”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Spare

I spent the last week at the Blue Moon Winery in Courtney B.C. for an art doll workshop with Kate Church. There was so much growing on the farm, including blueberries, apples and much more. There also was a green house full of delicate flowers being Spared the possible brutal forces of nature; the youngContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Spare”

Off to Play…

The time has come to go off island and play for a week. Learning new techniques at an exciting workshop facilitated by Kate Church at The Blue Moon Winery. That’s right! I am off to play with these 2 pretties – my first ever stuffed animals and art dolls. I look forward to sharing theContinue reading “Off to Play…”

Workshop with Kate Church

I am getting really excited about the upcoming workshop with Kate Church, on May 22nd to the 27th. This super exciting workshop is being held at The Blue Moon Winery. When I attended last year, I met some incredible new friends, learned some great new techniques using polymer clay, and without a doubt was thrilledContinue reading “Workshop with Kate Church”

Art Doll Workshop

I am so thrilled to have a sit at an exciting art doll workshop this Spring with Kate Church.You may remember that this is where it all started last May.I have been enjoying the medium of Polymer Clay this past year putting what I learned in to practice to create the lady’s of The Other-SideContinue reading “Art Doll Workshop”

Weekly Photo Challenge:A Personal Victory

Today I feel like I have achieved a personal Victory .Back in the Spring I attended a very fun and awesome workshop by Kate Church .We learned how to create art dolls her way.She took us step by step and it was very intense .We all walked away with new friends and fresh ideas toContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge:A Personal Victory”

Art Show Announcements and so much more….

This Saturday Aug.15th my first art doll well be shown in About Face! a selfie art show @ Martin Batchelor Gallery . That’s right I made a selfie art doll named Laura.This is a very exciting group show with over 100 artist submitting. On Aug 21st my second art doll and first wall hanging incorporatingContinue reading “Art Show Announcements and so much more….”

A Super Exciting Workshop

I am on my way to a very exciting workshop today with Kate Church if you have not heard of her now is the time.She is an amazing artist and I am thrilled to meet her , spend the next week learning from her and sharing this time with 17 other art doll enthusiasts.It’s goingContinue reading “A Super Exciting Workshop”