The Elephant Family

Meet the family! Beatrice, Hugo and their son Hugh. Their creation was inspired by our love for the largest land animal to roam our planet and as a sad reminder that they are on the brink of becoming endangered. Elephants are widely respected for forming close-knit matriarchal clans and their loyalty to each other and the humans they love – a point made famous in 2012 when elephants mourned the passing of Lawrence Anthony, known as the Elephant Whisperer, by holding a vigil around his house for two days. Their unique beauty, deep wisdom and kind hearts – along with their fierceness in defending their young and protecting their herds – are all reasons why we chose to portray an elephant family in this art project.

The Elephant Family

When Nola McPhail and I found out about summer’s annual members art show, at The Old School House Art Gallery on Cortes Island “The Colour of Our Muse”, we could not resist the opportunity of collaborating to contribute a piece. So we dedicated the month of June to creating The Elephant Family. Nola McPhail has been joining me for my Creative Sessions for the last year and we have explored many media and techniques together. When we chose to collaborate for this show, we opted to create a piece using many of the different media we have explored together as a way to push our creative boundaries, learn from each other, as well as have a lot of fun creating art together!

The Elephant Family art project consists of 3 elements:


Hugh, the son, is a collaboratively-created piece crafted from 3 recycled wood panels – each painted separately with acrylic paint and kroma crackle. His tail is made from braided wool sourced from Cortes Islander Joy Shipway. His face is made with polymer clay and finished with acrylic paint, kroma crackle, glass eyes, and false eye lashes; his trunk, tusks and ears are made from hand-sewn canvas.

The other two elements consist of individually-created art dolls – since those have been one of the strong focuses of their Creative Sessions.

Beatrice by  Nola McPhail

Nola McPhail opted to make the proud mother Beatrice using polymer clay, recycled textiles from an old skirt of hers, and false eyelashes; the piece was then mounted on a piece of yellow cedar.

Hugo by Laura Balducci

I created Hugo, the hard-working father, out of polymer clay, recycled textiles, wool, and a found hat; he is also mounted on yellow cedar.

We look forward to continuing our Creative Sessions starting in the next month or so and doing more work together.

Something New is Happening

As I come to the finishing stages of my new art installation called “That Wall”  with shows to be announced in Spring.The time has come to start something new!!! 15 wood panels,spray paint,collage,Kroma Crackle,acrylic,Gouache and anything else that I desire.I share today the beginning stages of Rainbows and Monsters.


Froggie de ToTo aka French Toast

The Stuff Collection keeps growing. Week 14 Froggie de ToTo started his day outside the jam space beside Tone Gallery Artz Supply on Cortes Island gazing on a sunny day waiting to have his portrait done.Using Kroma Crackle,chalk dryed poppies,acrylic paint and collagin one of my own photo’s .The portrait started with a blind contour drawing.

The Ghosts of Artrosshes(see in one colour)

The Ghosts of Artrosshes(see in one colour)

Artrosshes was a town filled with artists and all thats left is there ghosts.Now they only see in one colour.
This series is all done on recycled vinyal siding using different mediums,and typograghy.The letter F also using kroma crackle,kroma benzi yellow,and there new colour of paint vancouver grey,shell and broken piece of ordiments found.

Honey is done:Stuffy Collection Potrait week 5

Honey wanted her potrait to resemble what she looks out at Squirrel Cove daily.I used collage,acrylic paints,recycled scrabble pieces,and Kroma Crackle . The Stuffy Collection Potraits continues. This is a 52 week challenge doing my first attempt at potraits using my stuffed animal collection.

potrait of Honey
potrait of Honey
close-up of the Kroma Crackle
close-up of the Kroma Crackle
getting ready
getting ready

Portrait of Betty

portrait of betty

Here is a new multi-media collage/painting/drawing of Betty Boo, who will be 5 months old in 2 days. I used Kroma Crackle, a lot of paper, a pencil drawing, and acrylic paint. Now I’m inspired to do one for each of my 4 legged family members. This was a very fun project, I hope you all enjoy it, and have a great day.