Art On The Weekend

This past weekend I did an exciting workshop on Cortes Island facilitated by Lisa Gibbons called  “A Story Telling and Art Making Weekend: Reclaiming Your Soul’s Intuition”.There was 12 artist’s and it was very inspiring time.The energy was high and the creativity did not stop.We started on Friday evening with a meet and greet,a storyContinue reading “Art On The Weekend”

Art Classes = Inspiration

Every Thursday a group of us on Cortes Island get together.The Studio is facilitated by Lisa Gibbons she shares new techniques and styles for us to try and supplies tools for us to use.We have a lot of fun on these afternoons and I always leave super inspired.Today I share one of my new paintingsContinue reading “Art Classes = Inspiration”

My Art From The Archetype Workshop

The workshop facilitated on Cortes Island by Lisa Gibbon’s this past weekend was a very exciting new approach to creating art for me.She did an amazing job getting the juice flowing for our art projects and many artists came from off island so the room was filled with inspiration.I have to say that I learnedContinue reading “My Art From The Archetype Workshop”

2 artists, 1 art class

Every Tuesday, Lisa Gibbons, on Cortes Island, opens her studio up and invites artists to attend her class. Last week I had the pleasure of bringing a friend from out of town. Paloma Vita and I had a great day creating. I thought I would share both projects that we finished. They are so different,Continue reading “2 artists, 1 art class”