Weekly Photo Challenge – Magic

I love getting mail! Sometimes it’s only bills but other times, you can receive a little Magic!!!

One of my dear Vancouver friends just sent me a piece of his 3-dimensional art and it’s a magically amazing as him. He crafted me one of his Mandalas, and adorned it with beads he acquired on his recent trip to Italy… and to say the least, I positively love it! The Mandala is an ancient meditative game used to relieve stress that originated in Tibet 2000 years ago. It can be made to hold many different shapes and each each position represents something in the universe we share. At this time, mine stands in the position of the world as it reminds me that we all stand together in this world, and together we can create magic for the future. xoxo



Art – Finds a Forever Home


Mia and her crow are all packed up and ready to go on their adventure to their new home in the Kootenays. Alongside them, Snapper and Upsy Daisy from The Stuffy Collection are also starting their journey to their forever home in Alberta.

In other news, the soundtrack from my new art installation “The Other-Side presents That Wall” is now available for purchase via my email: laurabalducciart@gmail.com

And for those in Powell River, it is also available at the Base Camp Cafe on Marine Ave. and the Madcap Beauty Spot Salon in The Rodmay Hotel.

Photo by Darshan Alexander Photography



The Other-Side – We Got Mail !!!

Don’t you just love receiving mail?

The Other-Side is pleased to announce that the CDs have arrived and we can’t wait to share the soundtrack to “The Other-Side presents That Wall” – a new art installation by yours truly, Ms. Laura Balducci!

For anyone living in the Powell River area, in wonderful British Columbia, you will have an opportunity to hear the CD on June 24th, as it will be played for the first time at the opening of the show in the Rainbow Room of the Rodmay Hotel. We would like to invite you all to come join us to enjoy the art show and the soundtrack (CDs will be on sale so you can get your own copy if you wish to). Come one, come all!