Old School House Art Gallery

This week our local art gallery “Old School House Art Gallery” opens for the season. We have a very exciting season plan for our neighbors and visitors on Cortes Island B.C. We start the season off with a solo art installation by Loni Rene Taylor this Friday June 15 and is open for 2 weeksContinue reading “Old School House Art Gallery”

weekly photo challenge: letters

I have been working on a new series called The Ghosts of Artrosshes (see in one colour) .This is my first attempt of typography art (the art of using LETTERS ) and the whole series is on recycled vinyl siding. When the series is done the LETTERS well spell the title.To see more and watchContinue reading “weekly photo challenge: letters”

unveiling of Oliver from the Stuffy Collection

I’m on my 3rd week of portaits. One a week for 52 weeks and my models are from my stuffed animal collection.This is my first attempt at portaits, this week Oliver joined me after a tragic faceplant in a puddle on his way to art class,I protray a lighter funner side to his day sittingContinue reading “unveiling of Oliver from the Stuffy Collection”

from the blackout!!series

It’s always so nice to see your art hanging on the walls of There new home.Blackout#5 and Blackout#26 together hanging in there new home in Victoria B.C. Canada.Just one of the highlights of many well i was on tour this past week with my band The Abbie Hoffman Society but i’ll save some pictures onContinue reading “from the blackout!!series”

The Ghosts of Artrosshes(see in one colour)

This is a new series i’m working on.Using recycled vinyal siding/collage/multimedia/acrylic and water colour paint. Even ghosts have rainbows shining in there world as they look over at the beaten up buildings left in there place in there town called Artrosshes.