Installation 4: Rhonda










Rhonda is the 4th installation of 13 from The Other-Side presents That Wall art project. Each installation is unique in its own way and features art on both sides, as well as their own song on a soundtrack that was created to make them all come alive.

Rhonda is always well-intentioned, whether it is offering her shoulder to lean on or bringing out a smile on a gloomy day, she will be happy to help; but don’t talk behind her back or she will spear you in the blink of an eye! Rhonda is crafted from a one-of-a-kind polymer clay. Her dreadlocks are made of wool that was naturally dyed with Lilac, her jacket was constructed from repurposed fur that  was gifted to me by a friend and the mini muff for her hands is made from leather twine. Her pants are made from a print I sourced from my personal collection of fashion magazines. The other side of her piece is my interpretation of graffiti art which I created using spray paint, acrylic paint and collage.

Each installation is for sale and comes with its soundtrack. In order to experience the full effect of the installation, please check out the music video below which will take you on a journey through the full show. You can also read the stellar review the show garnered for a deeper insight into the experience!!! Feel free to share and please, contact me for more info such as availability and pricing.

To read the review from the Cortes Island Tideline, please click here

Photos by David Molyneaux

Harvest is more than just Veggies!!!

Harvest time is busy time, as everything seems to ripen pretty much at the same time. This includes harvesting plants to make natural textile dyes. I have only recently gotten into natural dying and I decided to take a moment away from the veggies and fruits to harvest my Queen Anne’s Lace. Taking it from garden to pot, I dyed some beautiful wool; I also tried an experiment with the leftover foliage and left it hanging to dry the skeletons and see what happens. I have a vision in mind but only time will tell if it’s doable. In the meantime, I must say I am happy with the tint I created with the vat of natural dye. My hope was to create my own version of mossy-coloured hair for a future art doll – this one will more likely have a crown of sunshiny locks! Now I must go back to the garden to harvest and preserve the veggies and fruits that will see us through the winter. What a glorious abundance!


Weekly Photo Challenge:A Personal Victory

Today I feel like I have achieved a personal Victory .Back in the Spring I attended a very fun and awesome workshop by Kate Church .We learned how to create art dolls her way.She took us step by step and it was very intense .We all walked away with new friends and fresh ideas to take home to our studio’s.In the summer I went to a natural dye workshop on Cortes Island by Heather Young which also got me working and creating my own textile art.Using the skills I have learned this year has given me an  opportunity to try my hand to create my own art doll with a body suit I naturally dyed using onion skins.I love making these art dolls its a small scale of combining all my different trades in to one hair ,make-up ,fashion styling into one art piece.Today I celebrate A Personal Victory to dress my first art doll I created on my own.She is stuffed and ready. I look forward to sharing her all dressed. Her name is Laurisa and well be part of my new art installation called That Wall along side 12 other art dolls and so much more.I share a photo from the photo shoot last nite.IMG_1131