Weekly Photo Challenge – A Place in The World

I love living on Cortes Island B.C. Canada… it’s A (The) Place in The World where I belong!!! With all its natural beauty, forests, lakes, ocean beaches and shores – as well as an amazing community that has always made me feel welcome – I really cannot think of a better place to call home.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Favourite Place

I have to be honest and confess that my Favourite Place is where I live: Cortes Island, BC, Canada!!! It is one of the many islands on the West Coast region on the Salish Sea. I live on 33 acres, tucked in between two provincial parks – one of which is Kwas Park – and on theContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Favourite Place”

weekly photo challenge forward:up

living on the west coast of bc and on an island we are in constant change as are waters(the ocean)its called the tide and it goes UP and down at varys times of the day everyday sometimes twice a day which means our docks must go with the flow of the ocean. here i shareContinue reading “weekly photo challenge forward:up”