Every Friday is Gallery Nite

Summer is here and that means a lot of art to see and experience on Cortes Island, since we happen to live surrounded by an abundance of talent. I am so grateful to live here and have the opportunity to engage with all the amazing local artists and feast my eyes all season long – whether it be at the weekly  markets, one of our many events, or at our wonderful little gallery (where everyone can become a member and all our visitors/guests of the community are more than welcome to visit). The Old School House Gallery, which is run by volunteers and donations, puts on a minimum of 8 shows every summer. Hours are Fridays from 6pm to 9pm, and Saturdays & Sundays from 2pm to 6pm.

We started the season off on Friday June 30th with a beautiful show featuring 2 weavers and one textile artist… and trust me when I say that it is stunning. Here are a few of my favourite pieces! For more info please check out the link www.cortesisland.com


P.S. There is a saying here on Cortes Island, “Every Friday is Gallery Night” – all season long @ The Old School House Gallery, there is either a vernissage or an artist talk – come join us!!!

Creative Sessions

As some of you may already know, over the last few months I have started teaching what I call Creative Sessions. At the moment I only have one student but she is very talented and we have created a lot of art together so I feel I started with the best student possible! During the last few weekly sessions, we have created an art doll; started a unicorn doll. We have explored pointillism, and we also naturally dyed some of our local Cortes Island wool (from the lovely Joy Shipway) which will soon be used in one of our final Creative Session before breaking for summer vacation. I have to say that Nola impresses me on weekly basis with her commitment to taking each session to the next level, her patience to detail, and her open mind. I will continue working with her over the month of June since we have decided to collaborate on a submission for the upcoming members’ show that will be exhibited at our local Old School House Gallery in August. And we will continue our sessions throw out the summer and into the fall when I will also take on a few new students, as I have realized that this is something I really enjoy and I always learn something from my fellow artists, young or old. There is always room to expand your inspirations!!!

Here is some of the work Nola did over the last few weeks:

Art by Nola



Art Show Announcements and so much more….

This Saturday Aug.15th my first art doll well be shown in About Face! a selfie art show @ Martin Batchelor Gallery . That’s right I made a selfie art doll named Laura.This is a very exciting group show with over 100 artist submitting.

On Aug 21st my second art doll and first wall hanging incorporating polymer clay features will be unveiled at The Old School House Art Gallery on Cortes Island the show is called The Artist’s Feast.This is the annual members show held each year.I well share the poster next week.

Its been a very exciting Spring and Summer and there still is more to come.It all started back in May when I attended a workshop with Kate Church learning how to make art dolls with polymer clay.Please visit her website to see more  https://katechurch.wordpress.com/ . I also attended a workshop that taught natural dying by The Craft Lab run by Heather Young on many different textiles which I well incorporate in to my future art dolls.To learn more about The Craft Lab please visit there website http://www.thecraftlab.ca/  .I learned so much during this 2 work shops and I am very excited to continue working with the techniques. I would like to encourage you to continue taking workshops there an inspiring way to keep growing your artistic/growing path ,meet new friends,and be energized by fellow attendees.

Earlier in the summer season I am honored to have been involved in a group photo exhibit at The Louvre in Paris for The See.Me Expose Yourself Digital Gallery there was 191 artist shown and viewed during this exciting event.I well frame my letter of recognition as 4 years ago I was in a workshop with Ruth Payne the curator for the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver.She said make a 5 year goal Laura.Getting to show in Europe was one of them.

The summer has been filled with time in the studio creating art,gardening,paddle boarding and many guests on Cortes Island.I have also had the opportunity to start working on 2 new projects.That Wall a 13 pieces art installation and a new book.In the mean time please enjoy the rest of your summer and I well keep you updated on my process and the things that inspire me.Thank you for continuing to visit,share and support my creativity xoxoxo Laura