Goals for 2018

Goals!!! I like to think everyone has them, and I believe they are a tool for growth and creating your dreams. Goals are how I choose to live my life by – Not resolutions as I find them easier to stick to, of course this is just me…. As we come to the end of theContinue reading “Goals for 2018”

The Book is out of the Box

Some of you may know in 2014 I gave myself an art challenge for 52 week.A photo shot, paint a portrait and story one a week for 52 weeks of my stuffed animal collection.Thats a whole year!!! I achieved my goal and I’m proud to announce that the first art book launch” My Stuffies Secret Life”  isContinue reading “The Book is out of the Box”

That Wall A new Series

That Wall has 2 sides to it and many layers too. I have started a new series called That Wall and we’ll be posting the progress as it has many layers to it.Today I’m sharing the other side and you well hear me refer to this side or the other side often throw out theContinue reading “That Wall A new Series”

unveiling of Oliver from the Stuffy Collection

I’m on my 3rd week of portaits. One a week for 52 weeks and my models are from my stuffed animal collection.This is my first attempt at portaits, this week Oliver joined me after a tragic faceplant in a puddle on his way to art class,I protray a lighter funner side to his day sittingContinue reading “unveiling of Oliver from the Stuffy Collection”

something new

Every tuesday on Cortes Island i go to art class with Lisa Gibbons and we just started back up for the new year.I learn alot and experment alot under the guidence of our art teacher who is super inspiring.I love challenging myself so i put together a few pieces from my stuff animal collection andContinue reading “something new”