Goals for 2018

Goals!!! I like to think everyone has them, and I believe they are a tool for growth and creating your dreams. Goals are how I choose to live my life by – Not resolutions as I find them easier to stick to, of course this is just me….

Photo by Arwyn

As we come to the end of the first month of a new year, I have been working hard to put my goals in a row to be accomplished. Cramming in two online courses and three workshops on health & nutrition, and the science of exercise. All subjects I am very passionate about, considering that one of my goals this year is to focus on being the healthiest and strongest me possible. I am happy to say I have completed these courses and I have learned a lot. I will continue to learn as much as I can on these subjects throughout 2018. I also decided to start two personal 365-day challenges that include creating my first sketchbook and continuing to learn and practice tarot card reading. I hope to be confident enough to offer readings to the public and my friends. I start my day by pulling and reading a tarot card and practice my intuition on its meaning and then do a sketch inspired by that day’s reading. I am really enjoying this learning process and actually look forward to my daily practice as soon as I get up in the mornings. This challenge is also helping me slowly build my new art installation “Wink!!!” which I will share with the world in 2019. I am also trying my hand at some new mediums this year that include spinning wool and weaving. There are some exciting times ahead for me with the announcement and confirmation of two art shows I will curate and participate in this summer! One is a collaboration with my art student Nola which will be held at The Co-op Cafe during the last two weeks of August, and the other being the annual members show at our local gallery on Cortes Island. I will share more on these topics in the future as they come to fruition. Continuing on my project to grow into the healthiest version of myself, I am also super stoked about my upcoming  Pilates Retreat in Costa Rica in March. So there you have some of the goals I plan to accomplish in 2018. What are your goals this year? Curious minds want to know ; ) I always find it very helpful to share my goals with others in some way as it puts solidifies them by putting them in stone, and hopefully your friends and family, or your network can help you stay focused and encourage you. I look forward to sharing the progress of my goals as they grow and wish you much success with yours. xoxo Laura

The Book is out of the Box

Some of you may know in 2014 I gave myself an art challenge for 52 week.A photo shot, paint a portrait and story one a week for 52 weeks of my stuffed animal collection.Thats a whole year!!! I achieved my goal and I’m proud to announce that the first art book launch” My Stuffies Secret Life”  is in Powell River this Friday Feb.13th at the Cranberry Hall from 5pm to 8pm.The book is out of the box and I’m thrilled to share it .If you’re interested or need more info about the book or one of the 52 art installations please email me at laurabalducciart@gmail.com

I would like to send out a special thanks to Paloma Vita my editor and great friend who made this project possible.

That Wall A new Series

That Wall has 2 sides to it and many layers too.

I have started a new series called That Wall and we’ll be posting the progress as it has many layers to it.Today I’m sharing the other side and you well hear me refer to this side or the other side often throw out the growth of this project.There is 13 paintings with a surprise on each one but well get to that another day.For now it’s all about the layers.Here is the second stage of the other side of That Wall.

unveiling of Oliver from the Stuffy Collection

unveiling of Oliver from the Stuffy Collection

I’m on my 3rd week of portaits. One a week for 52 weeks and my models are from my stuffed animal collection.This is my first attempt at portaits, this week Oliver joined me after a tragic faceplant in a puddle on his way to art class,I protray a lighter funner side to his day sitting by the water fall filled with the joy of music.

something new

something new

Every tuesday on Cortes Island i go to art class with Lisa Gibbons and we just started back up for the new year.I learn alot and experment alot under the guidence of our art teacher who is super inspiring.I love challenging myself so i put together a few pieces from my stuff animal collection and i shall be painting them at art class and for the year as on of my projects for 2014.This is Mr.IloveH2O and he came with this week and was my model.i had so much fun doing this painting and i very happy with the results as my first portait of a stuffy.Laugh,giggle and remeber everything is art with no rules.