The Cortes Island Museum

As many of you know by now, I was involved in The Curators’ Workshop for which the museum received a grant to support locals to get involved and learn about or further their knowledge of curating for museums, art shows in its myriad aspects: researching, hanging, grant writing and so much more. The workshop, led by well-known BC artist, author and historian Judith Williams, has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end! I learned so much, made some great new friends and I know the skills I learned will prove useful to me in the future. I would like to take a moment here to extend my gratitude to  the Cortes Island Museum for this opportunity.


I would also like to invite local and visiting folks to check out the show Refugee Cove  – Moving with the Tides. I am really proud of the work we did as the team of intern curators; a lot of time and effort went into the show by everyone involved and I am very happy about how it turned out.


the Other-Side : band mates

Meet Del Riveria

Del Riviera : old dog : new tricks : have bellows : will travel : on stage at 12 : never stopped : encompassing many disciplines and genres : favorite things : kittens and free improv

photo’s by David Molyneaux

cam-laura-del-2 IMG_1288   del-3del-6

Happy Yuletide

To all of my Family , Friends ,and Followers.

I send you all warm hugs and  bright times with whom ever and how ever you spend this time of the year.May 2016 bring you much joy and strength to continue creating the lives you wish.I am signing off  for a week with a new painting called “From Our House To Yours”.To spend some quality time with my loved ones ,the zoo and in the studio.Til soon xoxoxo Laura


Secret Weave

We started our last art class on Cortes Island drawing with Charcoal something I have not used much of but had a lot of fun with,mind you the  lady’s and I  always have fun.It was exciting to see what everyone came up with.Here is my new painting called Secret Weave. I would like to thank our teacher Lisa Gibbon’s for her on going encouragement and techniques she shares and all the lovely lady’s who join me weekly for there energy.



I had the pleasure of an art attack weekend and I well share the details of the  wind up of the weekend later this week.On Sunday the lady’s and I got an opportunity to take in an inspiring workshop by Meghan Hildebrand called Spontaneous @ Opus in Victoria .To say it bluntly we all left with new ideas , a free spirit ,a painting to work on and so much more.I share today my painting inspired in the workshop “Toast”. I feel like I made some new grounds to my art practice this year with all the exciting workshops I have had the chance to explore and I am very happy to start putting it all to work in Tone Studio as I get ready to buckle down and work.To see more of Meghan Hildebrand’s please visit her website



Roy Green

Roy Green is a master at his craft ,oozing with inspiration and freedom.I just recently had the pleasure to finally meet the man whose work has interested me for some time and got to share The Martin Bachelor  Gallery walls with him in August along side many other amazing artist’s.As you may have realized I love collecting art so I have add Roy Green now to the collection and am thrilled to share a few of his paintings and books with you all.Please check out his face book page follow and share.

Roy Green

Roy Green

Raising Awareness With Art

Today is the day!!!

Portrait - Paddington Bear

Portrait – Paddington Bear

The art installation Paddington Bear from The Stuffy Collection is in a silent auction doing his best to help raise money and awareness for a cause dear to our heart in Victoria B.C. Please help spread the word.  

“Rain or shine,wind or snow; the weather does not matter if your ready to go.” Paddington Bear is the one you can rely on for embarking on adventure at the drop of a hat.And he is always prim and proper.

Art From Our Collection

I love our art collection from artist on the West Coast of B.C.I have been collecting art for many years.The artist Shawn Shepherd paints, sculpts, appliqués and I have followed his unique ways since arriving to the West Coast in the 1990’s .Living in Victoria and runs Polycrome Fine Arts Gallery .I am thrilled to have added this year to our Art Collection One of his , Old aluminium street signs that are transformed into sculptures, that resemble vehicles.To see more of his work please visit his website.

Shawn Shepherd

Shawn Shepherd