Staycation = Art-Vacation

Everyone’s idea of a  perfect staycation may differ, but whatever your idea is, I strongly suggest you try it some day. First off, no matter how you choose to spend it, it will be spent where you live and taking advantage of your local attractions, your home, your family and your favourite activity (mine isContinue reading “Staycation = Art-Vacation”

The Elephant Family

Meet the family! Beatrice, Hugo and their son Hugh. Their creation was inspired by our love for the largest land animal to roam our planet and as a sad reminder that they are on the brink of becoming endangered. Elephants are widely respected for forming close-knit matriarchal clans and their loyalty to each other andContinue reading “The Elephant Family”

The Cortes Island Museum

As many of you know by now, I was involved in The Curators’ Workshop for which the museum received a grant to support locals to get involved and learn about or further their knowledge of curating for museums, art shows in its myriad aspects: researching, hanging, grant writing and so much more. The workshop, ledContinue reading “The Cortes Island Museum”

the Other-Side : band mates

Meet Del Riveria Del Riviera : old dog : new tricks : have bellows : will travel : on stage at 12 : never stopped : encompassing many disciplines and genres : favorite things : kittens and free improv photo’s by David Molyneaux  

Happy Yuletide

To all of my Family , Friends ,and Followers. I send you all warm hugs and  bright times with whom ever and how ever you spend this time of the year.May 2016 bring you much joy and strength to continue creating the lives you wish.I am signing off  for a week with a new paintingContinue reading “Happy Yuletide”

Secret Weave

We started our last art class on Cortes Island drawing with Charcoal something I have not used much of but had a lot of fun with,mind you the  lady’s and I  always have fun.It was exciting to see what everyone came up with.Here is my new painting called Secret Weave. I would like to thankContinue reading “Secret Weave”


I had the pleasure of an art attack weekend and I well share the details of the  wind up of the weekend later this week.On Sunday the lady’s and I got an opportunity to take in an inspiring workshop by Meghan Hildebrand called Spontaneous @ Opus in Victoria .To say it bluntly we all leftContinue reading “Toast”

Roy Green

Roy Green is a master at his craft ,oozing with inspiration and freedom.I just recently had the pleasure to finally meet the man whose work has interested me for some time and got to share The Martin Bachelor  Gallery walls with him in August along side many other amazing artist’s.As you may have realized IContinue reading “Roy Green”