Weekly Photo Challenge – Tiny

I am currently involved with the Curators’ Workshop, which is being led by Judith Williams and facilitated at The Cortes Island Museum. We have been at it for many weeks already and everyone has their tasks clearly outlined. These include research, organizing, and creating different art clusters – subgroups of the overall collection – for the projects which will be shown this Summer 2017. It’s all very exciting!!! A couple of us have been assigned the task of creating a model of the museum, in order to better plan the upcoming show. We have been busy making Tiny reproductions of the objects we will later share with the public during the installation. This is one of my many tasks for this curatorial workshop, which I must say has been enjoyable so far as well as very instructional! I have learned a lot about the area where I live, as well as its history. I can also see myself using many of the skills I have been acquiring in the future. A win-win in my book!

paintings by Judith Williams


Why Not!!!

During the Anonymous  8 x 8 Art Show in Powell River I felt very fortunate to bring home 2 Meghan Hildebrand paintings to add to our art collection.


These 2 beauties inspired me to create a painting called Why Not!! IMG_1388.JPG

Together they now hang as a collaboration with my fellow artist,friend and band mates art.I hope this makes you all smile as much as they make our world bright.IMG_1389

To see more work by Meghan Hildebrand please visit her website meghanhildebrand.com

It’s official!

its official

My first solo art show will be hung on Cortes Island, B.C., on the walls of the co-op cafe, from Aug. 23rd until Sept. 10th, with an evening of entertainment on Sept. 7th. I’m ready, excited and honoured to have been chosen from an island of many talented artists. For those who can’t make it I will share pictures of my work here online. Everyone is welcome to come and check it out, in person or on my website.



i started the blackout!!!series at the begin of 2013. My personal challenge for the year is to see how many paintings can I do with the primary color being black with one accent color per painting. So today I share the 1st 11 and how the series looks on the wall. i hope you enjoy them. i now start the second series of the blackout!!! next row, next size, same concept, same challenge. i look forward to taking this series to the next level. come visit again and see what i create.