Fashion Week Review-London


London Fashion Week is considered the home of the young, the adventurous, and the up-and-coming. This year, designers showcased their collections in an amazing setting and the attending crowds came out dressed to impress. With many live musicians added to the mix to make the fashion come alive, every show was unique in its own way. Some showcases were so over the top that I suspect consumers might have felt a bit overwhelmed as they watched the shows and took in all the fashion and styling art gathered under one roof.

I see fashion as art on a large scale, and even though the designs are not always meant to walk off the run way onto the streets, a sharp eye can see that each individual garment offers many translatable possibilities. One of the shows that stood out for me and really intrigued me was from designer Anya Hindmarch. Her colour palette was fresh, colourful, and featured very beautiful details; I also felt that many of her pieces are totally wearable. But what I loved most about this show was the unique concept of the runway. It made me feel like some time capsule had just been opened and pop! out came the art. And the next thing you knew, the lid came down again and the art was gone, tucked away for us to think about until Spring/Summer 2017. Fashion Week in London was all about the artistic flair you can wear!

The Louvre

Back on July 13th 2015 I was part of a digital display gallery at The Louvre in Paris. See Me from New York presented the show and The opportunity to show with 191 other fantastic artist to say the least it was one of the many highlights of the summer. There was alot of work that went into the show including a Hard Cover Book that all the artists work got published in.I am so stoked to have my book “The Exposure Award – The Still Life Collection” to remember this feeling and also have the art of so many creative photos from around the world. My photo in the show was from The Stuffy Collection week 5 Russian Nesting Doll.

Art Show Announcements and so much more….

This Saturday Aug.15th my first art doll well be shown in About Face! a selfie art show @ Martin Batchelor Gallery . That’s right I made a selfie art doll named Laura.This is a very exciting group show with over 100 artist submitting.

On Aug 21st my second art doll and first wall hanging incorporating polymer clay features will be unveiled at The Old School House Art Gallery on Cortes Island the show is called The Artist’s Feast.This is the annual members show held each year.I well share the poster next week.

Its been a very exciting Spring and Summer and there still is more to come.It all started back in May when I attended a workshop with Kate Church learning how to make art dolls with polymer clay.Please visit her website to see more . I also attended a workshop that taught natural dying by The Craft Lab run by Heather Young on many different textiles which I well incorporate in to my future art dolls.To learn more about The Craft Lab please visit there website  .I learned so much during this 2 work shops and I am very excited to continue working with the techniques. I would like to encourage you to continue taking workshops there an inspiring way to keep growing your artistic/growing path ,meet new friends,and be energized by fellow attendees.

Earlier in the summer season I am honored to have been involved in a group photo exhibit at The Louvre in Paris for The See.Me Expose Yourself Digital Gallery there was 191 artist shown and viewed during this exciting event.I well frame my letter of recognition as 4 years ago I was in a workshop with Ruth Payne the curator for the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver.She said make a 5 year goal Laura.Getting to show in Europe was one of them.

The summer has been filled with time in the studio creating art,gardening,paddle boarding and many guests on Cortes Island.I have also had the opportunity to start working on 2 new projects.That Wall a 13 pieces art installation and a new book.In the mean time please enjoy the rest of your summer and I well keep you updated on my process and the things that inspire me.Thank you for continuing to visit,share and support my creativity xoxoxo Laura

Season – “My Stuffies’ Secret Life”

Season was brought up to have love in his heart, be thoughtful of others and spread compassion. He shares his vision and hopes to spread it around the world to everyone he meets. At the solstices,Season counts his lucky stars and has faith that peace is just around the corner.

Season is in Paris to day at The Louvre for The Fifth Annual Exposure Photography Event.

I would like to say thank -you to my editor who I worked with on my art book – “My Stuffies’ Secret Life” –  with her encouragement and skills she made it possible to take this project to the next level. I look forward to working with Paloma Vita again in the near future.

Season - Portrait
Season – Portrait
Season - photo shot
Season – photo shot

The Stuffy Collection is Celebrating

On July 13, my stuffy Season – week 52 from The Stuffy Collection – will be shown at The Louvre in Paris alongside many other artists in a digital gallery display during The Fifth Annual Exposure Photography Event.There will also be a photo book that will be handed out during the event that will feature my photo.To say the least, I’m thrilled to be involved and shown with many artists from around the world at The Louvre.

I would like to send a Thank You to all of you who have supported The Stuffy Collection and my art over the years.You can now find Season and the full collection of portraits, photos and stories in my new art book called “My Stuffies’ Secret Life”. You can go to my Etsy store to order your very own signed copy!

Season from The Stuffy Collection
Season from The Stuffy Collection