The Stuffy Collection

The Stuffy Collection is now showing at The Co-op Cafe on Cortes Island from Oct 17th to Nov 27th. I would like to invite my island neighbours and visitors to check out the show as well as enjoy a warm beverage and tasty treat from the bakery.

About the project: in 2014, I decided to give myself an art challenge – create art inspired by my stuffed animal collection for 52 consecutive weeks. I set theĀ  goal of doing a photo shoot with one of my stuffy each week and then paint a portrait using the photo as inspiration. I then wrote a little story about their journey in order to uncover their dreams and aspirations; this in turn became my first art book, “My Stuffies’ Secret Life.” Today I share Elenor with you. To see more about The Stuffy Collection, I invite you to come by the cafe or check out the pages on my website.

Elenor is always looking deeper than the surface, reading between the lines and connecting with the space between things…”There is always more than meets the eye”in Elenor’s world!




poster art from the tour

poster art from the tour

my band just recently finished a tour with nomeansno it was amazing im back in my studio painting away with my new art supples i got on the road trying out some new ideas i share with you all poster art from the tour this is my bands drum kit logo at the waverly in cumberland bc my band is and our next stop is the recording studio this spring stay tune for our album out this spring in the mean time enjoy every day and work on your dreams thanks laura