I invite my friends and followers to check out what I’m up to on my new adventure this month at Heart Chakra This month at Om Studio I will be centering my practice around the theme of the Heart Chakra, which feels appropriate since this is a time of year when many people thinkContinue reading “BalducciYoga”

New Adventure

I have another website all about yoga! That’s right I started a new adventure in 2019…. I invite all my friends and followers to check out to find out more. NEW MONTH, NEW YOGA CLASS! Posted on February 1, 2019 Karma Vinyasa Flow By donation Suitable for yogis with some experience with asanas who wouldContinue reading “New Adventure”

weekly photo challenge: unexpected

A couple of days ago i was rearranging my living room.I have inherated my grandmothers plants that are 30 some years old i love them and cheerish them as she did.Last nite i turned on a lamp near there new location and got UNEXPECTED shadows and i instantly was surprised at what i saw andContinue reading “weekly photo challenge: unexpected”