Oh! Ogopogo’s “Outside Human”

Oh! Ogopogo is getting ready to release their new children’s book and CD called Outside Human. I had the pleasure of creating a painting to illustrate their song, “Don’t Feed The Bully” for what is now their second album and book set. It’s been exciting to watch this project grow, and even more fun to see the finished product. They picked a different artist to create a picture for each of the songs on the album, and then made it into a kids book. I will soon share my contribution to the project. Watch for the release coming soon – in the meantime, here is a sneak peek!

To learn more about Oh! Ogopogo please visit their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/OhOgopogo/

P.S. To all punk rock parents out there: You gotta check these guys out; they’re great!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

If you haven’t heard the news yet, it’s high time you do! NoMeansNo, the legendary punk band from Victoria BC, have officially announced their retirement after 35 years of touring, recording and entertaining our hearts and ears. This is a very Nostalgic moment for me – and for many others, I am sure – as I can’t even count the times I have seen them live and partied with the band!!! Not to mention that my own band, The Abbie Hoffman Society, had the grand opportunity of touring with them on three occasions, one of which for their famed “Clone the Ramones” tour. It was an amazing experience as we learned so much being on tour with these guys whom we call friends. They have always been so good to us (and the fans were fantastic also)… and man did we have fun! Today, I am sharing two posters from this very Nostalgic time along with an article from the Pitchfork featuring words from Canada’s most famous drummer John Wright and a YouTube video playlist of three of their songs and a short live performance. Thanks for everything guys!

For the article in Pitchfork, click here




The Abbie Hoffman Society

In 2013 my band The Abbie Hoffman Society released our 1st full CD.We had so much fun over the years creating music,performing and going on tour. A collaboration between Meghan Hildebrand and Myself created the album cover.Today I share the collage I made out of the inside of tetra pack’s (almond milk packages) and a link to the full CD “Do They Ever”.


The Abbie Hoffman Society

Check out my bands Cd on Sound Cloud play it loud all day and dance around the kitchen.The Abbie Hoffman Society is an all girls punk rock band from Powell River.We made music,video’s,stickers,toured with some great bands including NoMeansNo ,The Slim Milkie Band ,little pharmer  and many more.But most of all we had FUN. You can also check out our facebook page and website  https://theabbiehoffmansociety.wordpress.com/


Music is Art tooo!!

As im sure you have all heard I’m in a band called The Abbie Hoffman Society.We are an all lady’s punk rock band from Powell River. Today is the release of our first album called DO THEY EVER and tonite we are putting on an extravagansa of a celebration at the cranberry hall in Powell River B.C. Canada.Today i share the album cover which i had the honour to work on with my band and be part of the artwork with Megan Hilderbrand aka Megs Hoffman it has been an amazing growing experince. for more information http://theabbiehoffmansociety.wordpress.com