Weekly Photo Challenge – Against The Odds

Our little paradise of Cortes Island in beautiful BC, Canada was hit pretty hard by winter storms two weeks ago. We ended up spending eight days total with no power, no means of communication or even running water – just to name a few inconveniences. We have weathered a snow storm, a rain storm and a wind storm in rapid succession, which means a lot of clean-up ahead of us. Against The Odds, we may even be able to do something with what remains of this big greenhouse where you might remember we had the most incredible tomato crop last season!!! We will rebuild! xoxo



Scent – a distinctive smell, especially one that is pleasant.

Today I share a photo from my new book to be published and launch in 2016 called Sleeping Is For The Dead.A collection of art with words to make you think ,feel,and contemplate what you might be missing out on.Here in B.C. Canada we have been fighting forest fires in a drought for over a week and then today we all woke to scent of rain with relief.

Scent by Laura Balducci
Scent by Laura Balducci Art