Earth Day – Every Day

I think it’s great that we take one day a year to celebrate Earth Day, but I think we can all do better than that and do our part Every Day!!! There is so much more that every single one of us can do on a daily basis to make things better on our beautifulContinue reading “Earth Day – Every Day”

Weekly Photo Challenge – It Is Easy Being Green

It Is Easy Being Green Green is the colour of harmony Green is a way of life Green can mean money Green can be something you smoke Green can also be used as medication Green makes you think fresh Green can also mean you feel sick Green makes you think of recycling Green is theContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – It Is Easy Being Green”

Weekly photo Challenge – Repurpose

The lifestyle of anyone living on Cortes Island, on the beautiful BC Coast, could best be described as rural.; it is also very remote. It takes 2 ferries to reach the first urban centre where one can do any city stuff!!! This means that many of us become savvy on how to Repurpose items thatContinue reading “Weekly photo Challenge – Repurpose”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fun

Everyone finds their Fun in different ways. Life would be boring if we all liked and did the same things. I love to recycle found items and create ¬†canvases, multimedia art pieces; sometimes, I even use what already exists. This past weekend, I was invited to help throw out a neighbour’s burn pile. I startedContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Fun”