The Cortes Island Museum

As many of you know by now, I was involved in The Curators’ Workshop for which the museum received a grant to support locals to get involved and learn about or further their knowledge of curating for museums, art shows in its myriad aspects: researching, hanging, grant writing and so much more. The workshop, led by well-known BC artist, author and historian Judith Williams, has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end! I learned so much, made some great new friends and I know the skills I learned will prove useful to me in the future. I would like to take a moment here to extend my gratitude to  the Cortes Island Museum for this opportunity.


I would also like to invite local and visiting folks to check out the show Refugee Cove  – Moving with the Tides. I am really proud of the work we did as the team of intern curators; a lot of time and effort went into the show by everyone involved and I am very happy about how it turned out.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth


A little corner of this Earth we share together!!!

This past Friday, I went on a field trip with my Curators’ Workshop crew to Refuge Cove, which lies a mere 30-minute boat ride away from Cortes Bay in beautiful British Columbia. Our plan was to gather a few historical items for the upcoming Cortes Island Museum’s summer show, which has been the focus of the workshop facilitated by Judith Williams – an art history professor at UBC and well-known West Coast artist, since last October. The opportunity to be accepted in this workshop has been truly amazing; I have learned so much about where I live and where many of my friends also love to spend their time. I even found out that my landlord was brought up in Refuge Cove and it was nice to know I have such a close connection to that place.

Refuge Cove is a very unique place on Earth. For one, it can only be accessed by boat which always such a magical dimension to a place. It also boasts a rich history as well as being one of the longest running land co-ops in BC, and possibly Canada.  Some of its features are scenic trails you can travel to get from one location to another, a general store offering postal services, gas and a restaurant with an art gallery. The Cortes Island Museum’s art show opens in June and I look forward to sharing more, so stay tuned!!!

A few of the historical items we collected
Info about the Land Coop

Back To Skool I Go!!! 

Well the time has come for me to go back to Skool!!!

I love learning and I love learning using the online platform They offer a large variety of online courses from universities around the world for free! Yes, for free!! From business to art and pretty much everything in between. Of course I am mostly interested in taking art courses, and I have already taken a few of them over the last few years. This has also allowed me to meet some amazing people from around the world who are taking the same classes as me and with whom I have stayed in contact with to share our experiences and work… It’s so kool to meet people all over the globe who share an interest in the same subjects as I do and who are pursuing their art dreams too. At the moment, I am taking two art classes – check them out and join in if you like because Skool is Kool!!!

In The Studio : Postwar abstract Art – The Museum of Modern Art

Introduction to Image Making – California institute of the Arts

In other news, I have just gotten back to a very exciting Curators Workshop facilitated by Judith Williams, which started in the Fall and will continue until the end of May at The Cortes Island Museum. The workshop consists of curating the summer season’s upcoming show on Refugee Cove. I have learned a lot already and am very excited for the end results; I also look forward to sharing the show with you all. It’s a great team to be working with and a great opportunity to learn skills which I am sure to use in my future. xoxo