Weekly Photo Challenge – Against The Odds

Our little paradise of Cortes Island in beautiful BC, Canada was hit pretty hard by winter storms two weeks ago. We ended up spending eight days total with no power, no means of communication or even running water – just to name a few inconveniences. We have weathered a snow storm, a rain storm andContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Against The Odds”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Anticipation

Happy Winter Solstice!!! Winter has hit our usually temperate province (British Columbia, Canada) in full force this year. It had been in the forecast since fall but we did not understand what they meant until it happened! And in my household, we are grateful for the inches of snow that have already fallen, mainly becauseContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Anticipation”

Rare Sight

Living on Cortes Island for 5 years now this is a rare sight of white fluffy beautiful snow.We made snowballs that stuck together ,dog walked with lots of joy  and the scenery looked gorgeous. We endure many types of weather here ,lots and lots of sunshine ,some crazy windy storms and of course rain asContinue reading “Rare Sight”