Pictures from School on Friday

The Stuffy Collection was at The Cortes Island Elementary School last Friday and has been invited back on Thursday the 11th to do some backgrounds with the students for the stuffed animal portrait.It was a very inspiring day as all the students showed up with there fav stuffy.WE had a lot of fun and are excited to return on Thursday for a follow up class. Today i share a few pictures of the art that was produced by the young talent of Cortes Island.

My Model for Week 46 of The Stuffy Collection

With 6 weeks to go on The Stuffy Collection and still going strong, I would like to introduce you to Mazy my model for week 46.

This challenge of 52 portraits of my stuffed animal collection has strengthened my techniques and thought process and definitely kept me on my toes by the end of the year there well be 52 photoshoots,52 portraits and 52 stuffed animals stay tune for the announcement of the upcoming show in 2015.

Snowflake is My Model for Week 39

For week 39 i thought i would try some different materials.This week i had a lot of fun with Snowflake who by the way loves everything vintage.We went to a friends home for the photo shoot and viewed a beautiful collection of vintage glassware and got very inspired.Each painting in the series is on 16×12 canvas for Snowflake I used acrylic paint,collage,wax,watercolours,pencil crayon and pastales.Meet Snowflake my model for week 39.

14 weeks until The Stuffy Collection is complete

This series has kept me on my toes doing a photo shoot and a painted portrait a week of my stuffed animal collection.I have had an opportunity to try my hand at many different  techniques and challenge myself to do 52 portraits thats one a week for a year and this week i start #38. which I well share later this week.Please visit my page to see more from this fun series.I would like to introduce you to Steve my model from week 36 and wish you all a wonderful beginning of FALL.