Pinky Has Gone MISSING!!!

The Stuffy Collection


This is a photo of Pinky. Usually, this would be her favourite season because she can’t believe all the beautiful colours fall brings us. It’s such a cozy time of year too. the brisk autumn  air, the crisp sun… and sipping on hot chocolate while sitting on her comfy couch in front of a crackling fire are some of Pinky’s favourite things.

BUT!!! Pinky’s photo has gone AWOL and we are worried about her. If you see it anywhere, or have any information as to its whereabouts, please bring it back to the Co-op Café no questions asked or contact to arrange her return.
The rest of the collection misses her!


Off to Play…

The time has come to go off island and play for a week. Learning new techniques at an exciting workshop facilitated by Kate Church at The Blue Moon Winery. That’s right! I am off to play with these 2 pretties – my first ever stuffed animals and art dolls. I look forward to sharing the progress of the workshop as well as some pics from various sites around the Comox Valley.


Just An Average Evening !!!

This week I decided I would share some photography .Today I share an  average evening in the yard with the zoo (Billie , Wilma , Betty).Yes it’s there own collection of stuffies and they love them.People always ask when they” come to our home,”Um do they really play with those”.Yes, they do.

The zoo and there Stuffies
The zoo and there Stuffies